Apple plans to improve Apple Pay and Fitness+ with new services

The Cupertino company plans to improve Apple Pay (its mobile payment service), as well as Fitness+ (its health and fitness-focused service), with additional new features that could arrive soon, according to Mark Gurman through his bulletin weekly news. The company could notably launch a service to better manage purchases made via its payment platform. He is also “exploring” a plan “similar to Instacart”, as detailed by the journalist from Bloomberg.

The service that Apple is preparing for its mobile payment system could be called “Apple Pay Later”, and would allow pay for purchases in installments like some credit cards do. In this case, the user would simply pay for a product they want to fund with their card added to Apple Pay and select an option called “Buy now, Pay later”. Apple, later, could offer the possibility of splitting the payments into two weeks without interest or, into several months with interest.

On the other hand, the “Instacart-like” function (a platform for ordering food and healthy food at home) that Apple is exploring, would allow buy healthy products, such as vegetables, fruits, vegetables, etc. through Fitness+. These purchases would be integrated “with the nutritional data of the Health application”, explains Gurman. In this way, it would be a question of knowing the calories or other data of the different products purchased.

While this might be an ideal option to have finer control over the user’s potency, all indications are that it’s not going to be something that’s coming any time soon. In fact, Apple might drop this feature due to its low profitability and low profit margin.

New details about the hardware subscription program Apple is working on

Mark Gurman also took advantage of his newsletter weekly to provide new details on the hardware subscription program. This, remember, would let you buy an Apple product, such as an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, for a monthly fee. The journalist from Bloomberg makes sure that contracting this plan could be as simple as activating a subscription to some of Apple’s services.

The hardware subscription program, however, it might take a little longer to arrive. Mainly, because Apple would focus its efforts on launching “Apple Pay Later” first. Gurman assured that it will be available at the end of 2022 or, at the latest, at the beginning of 2023.