Apple seriously updated CarPlay in iOS 16. What changed?

As is often the case in the automotive industry, innovation does not come quickly. Thus, Apple CarPlay has been operating for quite a long time and is now available in a large number of individual cars and radios. Many users do not even imagine a car without the possibility connect iPhone to on-board computer in CarPlay mode, because it is this service that allows you to mirror your smartphone to a normal head unit and access all the convenient services available on your phone without any headaches.

car game

The standard interface of CarPlay has not changed since its inception, only supported applications are added


And at WWDC 2022, Apple presented, in addition to the standard CarPlay interface, an extended view, thanks to which it will replace the automaker’s standard software for speedometers and other displays inside the car. . Let’s see what it looks like Updated CarPlay and what are the prospects.

CarPlay – what’s new

The new CarPlay interface uses absolutely all the screens of the car

Because iOS16 Since it only exists in the form of a beta version today, it is possible that some functions will be changed by the version, and perhaps new ones will appear.

The first thing Apple announced on presentations it’s Maps. They learned to build complex routes with multiple stops. In addition, the route can be created on your Mac with macOS Ventura, synchronized with the iPhone and, therefore, CarPlay. In Russia, of course, there are few users Apple Cardsbut hopefully these features will grow and competitors will use similar services.

To CarPlay Siri can now automatically send a message after reading. In iOS 15, this action requires confirmation before sending, which slows down the process a bit. If the message still needs to be edited, the corresponding button will remain in the interface.


The Podcasts app will also receive a minor update. Previously, its functionality in car game was limited, there was no way to search for the latest episodes. Apple has updated the Library to make it easier to find your saved podcasts as well as the latest episodes from your subscriptions.

So far updates developers have created applications for CarPlay in the categories of audio or navigation. Programs from other categories have been restricted from viewing. iOS 16 brings two more new types of apps: gas stations and driving apps.

Gas stations, obviously, allow you to find gas stations and refuel your car. Driving apps have a much wider range of tasks. For example, these may be programs showing the cost of driving on a particular road, route information, or en-route assistance.

CarPlay in iOS 16

You can now open the garage door directly from the screen in the car

During the same presentation, a brand new CarPlay mode was introduced, allowing it to work on multiple screens. Most users were delighted with what they saw. Unfortunately, the first cars to support the new CarPlay Interface will only be presented at the end of 2023.

Currently, CarPlay only has access to the center screen and the speedometer navigation display. Now CarPlay will take control of absolutely every screen in the car, whether it’s a speedometer or the air conditioning. Of course, if they are.


Apple offers a large number of fonts, colors and various layouts for the placement of information. All necessary data will be displayed on Car Play screenfor example:

  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • fuel level
  • Temperature
  • climate control

And this is not a complete list. Additionally, it will be possible to add widgets for calendar, weather, music services, time, travel information and smart home controls. Absolutely everything can be personalized.

This interface is very promising. Now you don’t have to minimize CarPlayif you want to change the air conditioning settings or activate the heated steering wheel. Everything is now available via CarPlay. Car manufacturers who agree to use new CarPlay interface will have to give up their systems in the car.

According to Apple, supports the new CarPlay there will be cars announced in late 2023. Such cars won’t appear on sale until 2024, so Cupertino has another two years to perfect everything. Support has already been announced by Ford, Acura, Honda, Volvo, Land Rover, Nissan. However, which car manufacturers will finally adopt the new CarPlay, we will not know until the end of 2023.