Apple steals key executive from Ford for Apple Car development

The development of apple car has faced several roadblocks in recent months, following the departure of several key engineers from the project. However, Manzana decided to face the situation with the incorporation of a figure with extensive experience in the automotive industry.

As reported Bloombergthose of Cupertino added Desi Ujkashevic to the team in charge of its so-called autonomous electric car. We are talking about a frame that comes from Ford; He has worked there for 31 years, overseeing various facets of automotive engineering.

For now, its precise role in the creation of the Apple Car is unknown, since the Californians keep their plans secret. However, it is logical to think that, thanks to his extensive knowledge of car production, be at the center of the relaunch of this initiative.

According to journalist Mark Gurman, Ujkashevic’s most recent role at Ford was as global director of automotive safety engineering. But throughout his career he has also been linked to other areas of engineering for different business models, including electric cars. From the chassis and electronics, to the development of the bodywork and interiors of each vehicle.

Thus, the executive could become the ideal complement by David Lynchwho was left in charge of the Apple Car project after the departure of Doug Field but has no experience in the field of mobility.

Apple would maintain its launch projection of the Apple Car in 2025

Desi Ujkashevic, the latest addition to the Apple Car team | Image: Ford.

We can say that the arrival of Desi Ujkashevic allowed Apple to “benefit” from the departure of Field. Let’s not forget that the former boss of Project Titan, the initiative behind the Apple Car, left the Cupertino company to join Ford. There he is responsible for product development, as well as director of electric vehicles and digital systems. And even though he’s only been with the company for six months, he’s already made a big impact.

As for Ujkashevic, his landing at Apple would bring him multiple challenges. On the one hand, it is speculated that his knowledge of automotive safety engineering would be used to make a quality leap in the Apple Car’s self-driving system, but it is also mentioned that his previous regulatory experience would be of great use. a great help to Tim Cook and company as they take their first steps into the automotive industry.

When Joe Bass, former head of software engineering program management at Apple Car, left Apple earlier this year, rumors swirled that the California-based company would have considered putting the project in the freezer. After all, this game was added to those of Michael Schwekutsch and other famous engineers.

However, it has also been said that 2022 will be the turning point for the Apple company, at least to decide whether its initiative for an electric and autonomous car will be maintained in view of a launch in 2025. Therefore, the incorporation by Desi Ujkashevic could be considered the necessary proof that at Apple remains fully committed to this initiativeno matter how much they keep it safe under seven keys.