Apple TV no longer lets you buy content on Android TV and Google TV

Manzana he decided block the option to buy or rent content by the application of AppleTV on devices using Android-TV Where google tv. And although no official explanation has been given as to the reason for this measure, it would be linked to the old dispute over the payment of commissions for transactions carried out within the application.

According to the information available, the determination concerns a significant number of devices. From smart TVs and media players – such as NVIDIA Shield – to Chromecasts launching in 2020 with Google TV, among others. Now users they will no longer be able to access new content from the Apple TV appalthough they can view the ones they have already acquired that are in their libraries.

As explained from Android Authority and AppleInsiderwhen accessing the Cupertino service application with an Android TV device, the button is no longer displayed “To buy” when selecting a movie or series. From now on you only see the option “how to watch”which tells the audience that they should use an iPhone or iPad, or another streaming device.

It’s worth mentioning that blocking purchases or rentals in the Apple TV app does not affect Apple TV+ content. However, The edge Note that it is no longer possible to create a new streaming service subscription from a device running Android TV or Google TV. To do this, the application asks to do it via the web.

The blocking of Apple TV to Android TV would be for the payment of commissions

As of now, neither Apple nor Google have made any public statements about this. However, blocking Apple TV to Android TV could be another chapter in the old dispute over commissions on purchases. in the app.