Apple TV Plus’s big problem after winning the Oscar with ‘CODA’

Apple TV+ managed to make history in a short timeboth in the film industry and in streaming. the victory of CODA as the best film at the Oscars is in turn the first prize for a film released on a platform, a career in which Netflix has been immersed for years and where the Apple TV + proposal -although not with its own production – has been advanced.

Since its launch in March 2019, Apple has opted for the creation of a small catalog but of high quality. And, three years later, the Oscar seems to ratify his bet. However, as a business model, recent data suggests that Apple TV+ isn’t a big deal for the Cupertino company.

We talk about ‘churn’, or the rate of users who unsubscribe from a platforma metric that since the beginning of the so-called continuous wars it frightens managers and arouses the interest of analysts. Above all, due to the secrecy with which Netflix or Apple itself manages all their figures.

The logic of churn It’s clear A major streaming service retains most of its subscribers month-to-month, who continue to renew as they find the offer attractive. A service which, on the contrary, has a churn high can be considered going through hardship. Well, Apple TV+ seems to have the churn the highest in the industry according to an estimate by consulting firm Antenna Analytics.

Compared to services like Netflix where only 2.4% of its subscribers unsubscribe each month or 3.7% from Disney Plus, Apple TV+’s churn rate is almost five times higher than Netflix’s. hovering around 10.4% on average with peaks of up to 16% in August 2021.