Apple updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote with new features

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Pages, Numbers and Keynote are Apple’s office apps, which have received an update with some minor improvements.

Office software developed by Apple it is updated from time to time, hoping to compete with giant Microsoft for this huge market share. The last update had taken place during the month of April, with some substantial improvements for the best user experience.

This day a new update has just been released, specifically for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps. All of them will have some minor improvements, but they are focused on improving the user experience when working on them.

Pages, Keynote and Numbers update in detail

Apple desktop applications, better known as iWork, are all about productivity while writing, calculating, or presenting. Apple has released a new update, and the improvements are as follows:

Update pages, numbers and keynote

Although these are minor updates, they can improve the performance of the application in general

key note

The application has been updated for Mac and iPad, with the main novelty that you can add animated backgrounds with subtle movementssomething that will generate visual interest in presentations that require it.

These dynamic backgrounds will be used to style the slides as the user changes them while working. In addition, also added an option to ignore or undo all slides when a group crashed or had a major error.


The numbers have not changed substantially, because the update mostly only improved the performance of large tables or those that are full of processes. These changes can be noticed more when inserting rows and columns in said tables.


Pages has received an update for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The main feature that has arrived is the combine recipients when creating letterspersonalized cards and envelopes, which makes the job much easier.

Also as there are new templates for certified invitationsas well as the possibility of exporting them as TXT files.

this update is now available on the App Store of each device. Indeed, it is very likely that your applications have already been updated.

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