Apple Watch blood pressure sensor delayed to 2024

Apple seems to have delayed the inclusion of the blood pressure sensor in the Apple Watch, as revealed Bloomberg. The Cupertino company, which has a team dedicated to the development of both the sensor and a software solution capable of offering blood pressure measurement results, could integrate this functionality into its connected watches in 2024. earlier. The Wall Street Journalremember, revealed that this function was going to be available in the 2022 model.

The aforementioned outlet reveals that the delays are due to problems in the “accuracy” of the results obtained during testing by project members. It also ensures that the Apple Watch’s blood pressure sensor will not display systolic (shows blood pressure in the artery when the heart is contracting) and diastolic (when the heart is at rest between beats) readings. , like other conventional measures of blood pressure. systems do. The clock, on the other hand, will display a warning because the user may have high blood pressure and will recommend to consult a doctor for a more accurate measurement.

However, the simplification of the results compared to a conventional tensiometer did not prevent the launch from being delayed. In fact, the inclusion of these features in the Apple Watch This is something Apple has been working on for four years.. They expect development to take at least two more years, with a launch no later than 2025.

Apple is working on new health features for its Apple Watch

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

In parallel, Bloomberg mentioned that Apple plans to launch different health-related features in its upcoming smartwatches. Among them, one sensor capable of measuring body temperature. This would be intended to provide results for fertility planning, not to offer an exact temperature, as thermometers do. The feature could also accompany the model the company will announce this year, the Apple Watch Series 8.

The aforementioned outlet also expects Apple improve the ECG of current models with the arrival of watchOS 9a version of the operating system that will be announced at WWDC in 2022. Among other things, the improvement will show results about a person’s atrial fibrillation status over a certain period of time.

Later, Apple might also include a blood glucose sensor. This, like the blood pressure sensor, is in an early stage of development. Therefore, it could also take a few years to become available. As an alternative, the company could choose to offer support for third-party measurement systems and make both the Apple Watch and the Health app compatible to display results.