Apple Watch will last longer. What’s the secret

It’s hard to say if the approach to WWDC 2022 is to blame, but lately a lot of interesting insiders have started coming in on new operating systems and upcoming Apple devices. Recently, details about iOS 16 and the virtual reality glasses have become known, but if there is still no clarity with the futuristic gadget, there is already data on the same Apple Watch. Thus, details about the autonomy of smartwatches have become known: this will certainly increase. As to why, that is a whole other matter. In short: it’s all in the best traditions of Apple. We say what will change in the Apple Watch.

We tell you what changes await Apple Wacth in the near future

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Apple Watch battery life

As you know, Apple Watches are far from being the benchmark when it comes to battery life. Many even consider their weak battery as the main drawback, because of which they have to choose other smartwatches. It looks like it’s going to end soon: Apple is planning increase apple watch battery life, but not at the expense of the battery, but by a software method. WatchOS 9 will therefore introduce a power saving mode, with which the device will be able to run certain applications and functions without consuming a large amount of charge, according to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman.

Apple will increase the battery life of its watch, but will not replace the battery

watchOS still has a power reserve mode that turns smartwatches into regular watches, reducing power and functionality. But that will soon change: the new power saving mode will remind you save battery in ios, and the built-in apps will consume less resources than before. The added feature is part of Apple’s effort to improve the Apple Watch’s battery life, which hasn’t changed in years. Based on this data, the battery probably won’t physically increase anytime soon, and Apple will fix all of its jambs programmatically for a long time to come.

Свой термометр, тонометр и глюкометр! Какими будут новые Apple Watch

Save Apple Watch Battery

When it comes to novelties Apple Watch Power Saving Mode will look like iOS, it’s worth remembering how it all works. There are still many questions, but there are hardly any answers. For example, based on data from Mark Gurman, it is not very clear how much will increase apple battery life. In the same iOS, when power saving is enabled, the screen turns off faster without activity and the performance also decreases. True, it is unrealistic to notice this when using ordinary applications: power limitations appear only when running heavy games and power-intensive programs.

The iPhone’s power saving mode helps a lot when minutes count.

As well energy saving in iOS disables background software updates and dims the screen backlight – you’ll notice this immediately when you turn the feature on. At the same time, experts believe that energy saving is better to turn on immediately after removing the device from charging: if the iPhone works normally with the function activated, there are still questions on the Apple Watch. The chip they contain has a much lower performance than the same iPhone, so the Apple Watch may not be as practical in this mode.

Also, there are no answers on the future of notifications: will they be disabled in this mode? If so, then for many smartwatches in power saving mode will simply become useless, respectively, there is no point in innovating. Low application power consumption – still a serious limitation in functionality. How it will affect the Apple Watch – no one knows yet.

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Why is the Apple Watch shrinking fast?

If we are not talking about battery wear, then Apple Watch doesn’t last long only due to software settings. Above all, of course, pass energy notifications. One of the main features of the Apple Watch kills the battery faster, but notifications can be disabled or airplane mode enabled, which makes the accessory autonomous. What else to pay attention to extend the battery life of your Apple Watch?

Tired of frequently charging your Apple Watch? Disable something from the list

  • On the power consumption in Apple Watch influence dials with animation and glowing screensavers. Even though OLED screens are more economical, their colors are more saturated, which results in faster burn-in.
  • Also note Always displayed – a function that allows you to see the main data without activating the screen. It uses extremely low power, but if you rarely use your Apple Watch, it will drain even faster. Read more about this in our article.
  • Heart Rate Tracking on Apple Watch allows you to save daily activity data, but at the same time consumes up to 5% of the load in the background.
  • App vibrations and sounds do not affect device functionality, but consume up to 5% of the battery per day. Disable if not used.

How do you rate the battery life of your Apple Watch? Write in the comments.