Apple’s Privacy Policies Will Continue to Lose Big Business Money


Facebook, YouTube and Other Companies Will Continue to Lose Money Due to Lack of iOS User Tracking

Apple remains one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for Data collection companies and privacy invaders. Significant innovations implemented in an effort to secure users while using their devices are costing other tech giants dearly.

Literally, some big companies are lose money with the tools that Apple has made available to its users to somewhat thwart the monitoring and management of their personal data when using certain services and applications.

With iOS 14 in 2021, Apple introduced new standards such as “App Tracking Transparency” (ATT) in order to Check the excessive way of intruding into the privacy of advertising agencies.

The impact of this change caused a drop in income from 15% to 20% for advertisers until July 2021. By then, the company still known as Facebook announces a loss of 10 billion dollars in revenue for 2022. While in October 2021, Snap , the parent company of Snapchat saw its share price drop by 25% on the fears of its shareholders about the impact of ATT.

Another year of losses for advertisers

And while many apps like Twitter and Snap had to adapt new ways to advertise to iPhone users, the impact of Apple’s new rules will continue into its second year.

A new analysis by Lotame on the consequences which will be caused by privacy features built into Apple’s systems, predicts an impact of nearly $16 billion, with Meta and Facebook taking 81% of that impact, losing nearly $12.8 billion.

Other data mentions that Snap will have a loss of $46 million, Twitter $323 million and YouTube $2.2 billion. Collectively, the largest advertisers will lose approximately $16 billion, Facebook and YouTube will be the most affected.

iOS 14

With iOS 14, the user could start deciding if they wanted to be tracked by apps

Apple hasn’t left advertisers behind as it continues to provide tools so they can reach iOS users. However, change has a price and companies saw Apple as an enemy of their interests. In return, users have defined these measures as a unique mode of protection that makes their devices worth the cost, the same is happening with the new malware that has appeared that does not affect an iPhone. There is no doubt that being an Apple user has its perks.

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