Artificial intelligence to find a use for hallucinogenic drugs

the hallucinogenic drugssuch as LSD or mushrooms, are well known for their recreational use and the damage it causes. However, they can also be very beneficial. There is a very interesting line of research in which his therapeutic properties against various mental health disorders. This is a very promising area to which, moreover, is now being added the artificial intelligence (AI).

Thanks to this AI, a team of scientists from Harvard University and MIT managed to classify the different hallucinogenic drugs according to the symptoms they could treat most effectively. There is with a big therapeutic potential in front of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorderamong others.

And it is that in reality there are no good or bad substances. What can kill you can also save your life in a different dose. The drug demonizationhallucinogenic or not, it depends on the prism through which one decides to look at them. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, scientists learn much faster how to bring them out of the dark side.

The friendly face of hallucinogenic drugs

The harmful or positive effect of hallucinogenic drugs depends largely on the environment in which they are consumed. explained it to hypertexthe Miguel Ruiz Veguilla, research psychiatrist from the PsyNal group. “With drugs, context is important. For example, if amphetamines are taken in a health setting, the side effects and addiction issues that arise recreationally are not created, even at the same dose”.

This can be extrapolated to many other substances, including hallucinogenic drugs. In fact, Ruiz Veguilla also told us about some very early stage studies that are using this type of compound to treat a wide range of mental illnesses.