Astronomical events of April 2022

As every year, the protagonist of the april astronomical events it will be the shower of stars lyrids. However, we will also benefit from a partial solar eclipse it won’t be seen all over the planet, but it will surely leave picture-perfect images for those who aren’t in the right place to enjoy.

All this will happen in full spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the south. That is, with good weather that will allow you to get out and enjoy the night sky without excessive shelter. A little warmer under the equator, yes, but nothing to do with the harshness of winter.

And if we don’t arrive in time to see the peak of the Lyrids or if we are not in one of the places where the solar eclipse can be seen, nothing happens either. Like every month full moon nights, planetary conjunctions or times of maximum elongation of Mercury will also provide us with wonderful scenes in the sky. Therefore, if you like astronomical events, get out your calendar and jot down the following dates.

New Moon: dark sky to enjoy the firmament

New Moon nights are perfect for enjoying the night sky, as the light from the satellite does not interfere with the observation of weaker objects.

In the astronomical events of this month of April, we will have two new moon nights, one on April 1 and another on April 30. Therefore, we open and close the month with dark skies.