At almost 10 years old, it is the oldest device to receive (hack) Android 12L

It’s Google’s most iconic tablet, and now after almost 10 years of life, it looks like the 2013 Nexus 7 will be able to test Android 12L and its specific interface thanks to the community and LineageOS 19.1.

Although technically Google had already formalized Android 12L Like its version of Android intended for folding and tablets, the truth is that the Mountain View giant did not move until the beginning of this month of March 2022, when Android 12L was presented with all its novelties and ‘eternal promise to finally tackle tablets after many years of android ostracism.

And it’s good to Honeycomb in 2011, Google had not redesigned an Android interface for large screenssomething they now recognize from California as a mistake stating that they needed that step forward, given that folding mobiles and tablets have become preferred terminals both for consuming multimedia content at home and for on-the-go productivity tasks.

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And if Google brings to the market an Android for tablets that we haven’t seen since 2011, why not try this new Android 12L can be installed on the most iconic tablet of the search engine and the Android platform by extension, Although this one is almost 10 years oldWe are of course not talking about the Google Nexus 7!

It may seem like an absurd idea, yes, but nothing seems impossible to the android community and the truth is that at xda-developers some intrepid users have already testing a preview build of Android 12L on the second-gen Nexus 7obviously with a trick because it is certainly not Android ‘Pure Google’ but rather a Harbor from Lineage OS 19.1 who still has a lot of work ahead of him.

From the Android “scene”, they once again surprised us by surpassing themselves a little more, since they managed to install this preliminary but working version of Android 12L on the Google Nexus 7 of 2013 in the form of LineageOS 19.1 .

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It should be recalled at this point that Google has discontinued the Nexus 7 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallowmore tablet-specific options and without any interface that would allow ease of use with larger screensthat’s what Android 12L has become now.

Obviously, to install it Harbor you will need a Nexus 7 with the mode root activated and use a recovery like TWRP, which will allow you to flash both the LineageOS 19.1 ROM and the package with Google Apps and the optional tool Magisk to keep the functionality of Google Play intact.

The process is neither complicated nor different from the one we went through a few years ago when the custom roms were the daily bread, even if in this case it is necessary to count on the significant limitations of such long hardware and logical incompatibilities which will make some features unavailable.

Anyway it will be an interesting test for sureat least for those who still have those iconic Nexus tablets with which Google wanted to promote this market a decade ago and who know Move around a bit with the modification of Android devices… Do you miss messing around and flashing a device?

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