at Nestlé, they assure that they themselves disclosed their data

Anonymous didn’t hack Nestlé; it was the company that leaked its own data. This is the surprising response that the Swiss company offered regarding the alleged data theft by the aforementioned hacker group. In statements to Gizmodoa Nestlé spokesperson denied the account published by Anonymous via emails.

Just yesterday, Tuesday, we echoed the news that Anonymous had managed to get its hands on 10GB of Nestlé data. This information would have contained corporate passwords and emails, as well as data from more than 50,000 corporate clients. Now, the words of the Nestlé spokesperson seem to assure that everything was a lie fabricated by the group of hackers.

The multinational commented in its conversation with the media: “This recent allegation of a cyberattack against Nestlé and the resulting data leak have no basis.” The company also ensures that this data were accidentally posted by themselves last February; while the tests were carried out online.

Nestlé’s word against that of Anonymous

Credit: Chaozzy Lin

He refers to a case in February, when some random and mostly publicly available test data of a B2B nature was inadvertently made available online for a short time.


Thus, the representative of Nestlé asserts that all the information collected by Anonymous bears, in fact, several weeks hanging out on the internet. Some of this data was already public, while others remained unknown. However, it seems that Anonymous did not post nothing the company doesn’t already know in advance.