Atheists sleep better, study finds

Sleeping is a great pleasure, but it is also an essential need for the proper functioning of our body. On average, a person is advised to sleep between 7 and 9 a.m.. If these numbers are changed for long periods of time, problems may occur, both physically and psychologically. For example, good rest is necessary to reduce stress levels, repair necessary memories or have good cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, many people struggle with insomnia that prevents them from reaching those hours of sleep. This can be due to many reasons, from everyday stress to your religious beliefs. The latter may sound crazy, but it’s what a recent article is about, which concludes that atheists sleep better.

What they fail to explain in this book, recently published in the journal sleepingis why this curious phenomenon seems to occur.

Atheists sleep better and so do agnostics

The authors of this study, Baylor UniversityThey used data from Baylor Religion Survey, whose participants answered a series of questions about their religious habits. Among them there were also problems related to their sleep routines, so it was possible to verify if there was a relationship. So that was it.

Only two religions could be considered, Catholic and Baptist

For the sample to be sufficiently representative, both atheists and agnostics were quantified in a single group. On the other side were those who claimed to have a certain religious belief. The latter were divided into two groups, the Catholics and the Baptists. There were not enough people of another religion to be able to do a statistically significant study. Together they were 1,501 people who participated in the study.