Automatic iPhone Repair. What should you know and expect in Russia?

At the end of April, Apple launched an opportunity iPhone self-repair in the USA. This program is designed so that device owners can repair their smartphone without leaving home and without contacting service centers. You only need to order the necessary spare parts and tools from the manufacturer. Initially, the launch was to take place in early 2022, but slight delays in deliveries pushed it back to spring. The company plans to extend such an opportunity to other countries, but everything will depend on the possibility of logistics.

iPhone repair

In the press photo, the self-repair looks very simple and beautiful, but is it really?


In Europe, the program is expected to launch before the end of 2022, but no other plans have yet been heard. With a probability of 99.9% in Russia, it will not be launched in the near future.

Do-it-yourself iPhone repair

Spare parts and tools must be ordered from a special website

Although Apple initially stated that all equipment would be available for self-repair, it is possible at first repair only iPhone And that’s not all. The following models are included in this program:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 3rd Generation


Detailed instructions for each gadget are posted on Apple’s website in PDF format. Nothing else can be done at this time. Each manual describes each step in detail with the correct parts and tools that will be needed during the repair.

iPhone repair tools

Removing the iPhone screen is not the easiest procedure for an untrained user.

As part of the self-repair, the following components can be replaced:

  • Battery
  • speaker
  • Camera
  • Filter
  • SIM tray
  • Touch Engine

Если требуется ремонт чего-то другого, то без похода в сервисный центр Apple обойтись не получится.

All work requires special toolswhich can be taken away rent from Apple and not overpay for their purchase. Rent is $49 per week, but a $1200 deposit is required to secure a refund. If any of the tools in the kit are damaged or lost, the user will be charged the full cost of the tool.

But not even the price of rent or a fine is scary, but the size of the repair kit. The tools are delivered in two huge suitcases with a total weight of around 35 kilograms! This is a large enough weight that it can be said that self-repair is practical. Apple even posted instructions on the website on how to properly carry such weight.

iPhone repair cost

You are unlikely to have a special display press at home, so you will have to pay for the tools separately

Let’s try to calculate how profitable it is to engage renovation taking the iPhone 13 as an example. It should be immediately noted that since none of us have most of the specialized tools, it is imperative to include the cost of renting tools in the amount of $49 in final price. It is also possible to return the old component and get a discount on the final repair, we also include it in the price and get the following numbers for the iPhone 13:

  • Battery Replacement – $95.84
  • Speaker replacement – $92.64
  • Camera Replacement – $113.54
  • Display Replacement – $285.35
  • SIM tray replacement – $7.20 (no special tools required)
  • Taptic Motor Replacement – $92.64

And that’s not counting the time spent studying the instructions and the repair itself. For comparison, replacing the battery at a branded service center costs $69 and the screen costs $279. Of course, all these prices are relevant for the American market, but the fact remains that this program was launched just for the launch itself. There is another limitation, which they try not to talk about out loud. Parts can be ordered under a specific serial number and IMEI your device.

That is to say, if some authorized service center wants to create a stock of spare parts, it won’t work. Apple will only provide components for a specific device. Additionally, installing a display, for example, requires you to contact Apple and have online support remotely verify that the installation is correct.


It is unlikely that an ordinary user, not passionate about technology and technology, will decide on such an experience with his gadget, especially if he has never done it before.