Best Android Emulators for PC and macOS – 1

The best Android emulators for PC and macOS, in this first installment we want to give you all the options to use Android on your computer.


This is one of the best android emulator for PC you can try compatible with Windows 7/8/10 AMIDuOS is available in two versions AMIDuOS PRO (Lollipop) for a cost of $15 and AMIDuOS LITE (Jellybean) for $10 , it has a 30-day trial version.

It supports 3D acceleration and has great compatibility with almost all Android applications, supports many devices such as computers and keyboards, mice and cameras. You can share media files between Android and Windows.

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Android Studio

Android Studio is the application development console for Android, it provides tools to create applications compatible with all kinds of devices. It has a fast emulator with many features, it emulates Android phones and tablets, as well as Android Wear and Android TV devices.

Although its configuration is a little more difficult than the rest of the emulators, it is one of the options you have to emulate Android,

Windows 64 bit



Andy is one of the best Android Emulator for PC you can try, it’s free and supports Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu 14.04+ / OSX 10.8+. Andy is fully compatible with many apps including Whatsapp, launcher, games and you can even root if you need.

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best android emulators for pc

This is not the classic Android emulator, ARCH on it must be installed in Google Chrome and its configuration is not easy, its advantage is that it is another of the free and cross-platform emus that you can find since it works for Windows, Linux and Mac.

For the more advanced, you can venture to try archon.

Bluestacks 3

One of the best android emulators for pc that you can find for android is this one Bluestack, has many users around the world and its website is very good with lots of information, support, community and much more. Compatible with Windows since XP, Vista, W7, W8 and even Windows 10, it is also available for macOS and comes in both Free and Paid for $2 per month.

Bluestacks tiene tiempo en el mercado y esta tercera versión tiene un rediseño de la interfaz en HD, app center para que encuentres las apps mas nuevas, gift center donde los developers dan aplicaciones de regalo, multi-instance function para correr multiple apps al mismo tiempo much more.

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