Best apps to learn how to play the drums on iPhone

Become a drum expert and master of rhythm using the best apps to learn how to play the drums.

Battery It is one of the essential instruments within a group and it is the main one responsible for marking the rhythm that characterizes each musical genre. It is composed of several drums and cymbals which make a lot of noise.

For this reason, practicing continuously makes it a bit tedious, especially if you don’t have a soundproof chamber and thus avoid inconvenience with the neighbors.

Best apps to learn how to play the drums on iPhone

Become a drum expert and master of rhythms through your iPhone, having the best apps to learn how to play the drums.

However, they developed applications that simulate a battery on mobile devices, and so you can practice in a more comfortable way and without exceeding the authorized decibels. So if you want to know what are the best apps to learn to play the drumsdo not remove your screen.

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Learn to play the drums with these iPhone apps

  • Learn to play the drums
  • ‎Drums – Musical Drums WeDrum
  • Learn to Play Drums PRO
  • ‎Drums School
  • Learn the drums yourself
  • Music Rhythm Trainer
  • REAL DRUM: electronic drums
  • Drums – drums play music

Below is a list of the best and most popular apps to learn how to play drums on iPhone. Access different tutorials and learn how to develop the rhythm of sheet music from the comfort of your mobile.

Learn to play the drums

Learn to play the drums: more than 30 lessons

Learn to play the drums: more than 30 lessons

This is a free version where you can learn to play drums with more than 30 lessonsmusical styles of rock, funk, jazz, blues, Latin music and fusion.

In addition, the tool shows you animations with which you will understand the good time to play drums depending on the track being played.

A staff in turn is displayed where you can see the notes you are playing, in turn helping to develop music reading by music theory.

Configure sound so you can listen to just your instrument, listen to the whole band, or listen to the other instruments, then add your part. Adjust the speed to make it faster or slower to make it easier for you to learn.

Drums – WeDrum Musical Drums

Drums: hit real drums

Drums: hit real drums

A game that will make you live the passion of drums no need to buy one. Thanks to your augmented reality (AR) technologyusers can enjoy the battery anywhere.

Select your favorite track between the genres you prefer and dominate the drum part by earning praise from a virtual audience and scores that you can improve more and more.

build your groupselect a pianist, guitarist and singer to accompany you on stage, or unpack in the single player enjoying it very much high-end visuals and sound.

Learn to Play Drums PRO

Learn to play drums PRO

Improved and more PRO version of “Learn to play the drums”

This is the optimized version of “Learn to play the drums”which has all the functions that characterize the application, but with the advantage of not be interrupted by advertising in the same. you can have this PRO version for a price of €1.99.

drum school

drum school

Drum School: learn to play the drums faster with a revolutionary method

It’s a virtual tutor who will tell you techniques and observations relevant for you to master the drums, whatever your level of knowledge. His teaching method breaks down into 5 main sections: rhythm, practice, technique, strokes and favourites.

At “rhythm” you will need to select the track you want from a library that has 300 different rhythms and drum stylestempo adjustment, with the possibility of isolating the reproductions and thus checking the rhythm in the possible combinations.

At “practice” you will find up to 145 exercises. With “technical” you will check by 12 demonstration videos with advice and a detailed description. “Shots” provides the greatest hits, and finally in “favorites”you’ll collect and save your featured beats and have access to beats you’ve worked on previously.

Learn the drums yourself

Teach Yourself the Drums: Collection of 280 Video Tutorials

Teach Yourself the Drums: Collection of 280 Video Tutorials

A complete application for learn the drums from your iPhone. He has a collection of 280 video tutorials for you to learn with lessons explained and reflected as visual and didactic.

You will learn from which brushes to choose and which parts make up the battery, to how to perform combos and rhythms of different musical genres.

Music Rhythm Trainer

Musical Rhythm Trainer: feel the pulse of the metronome

Musical Rhythm Trainer: feel the pulse of the metronome

One of the most important skills a good drummer must develop is the ability to continue. This trainer will help you lessons and practices develop rhythm and learn to read it in the rhythmic notation of sheet music to the rhythm of the metronome.

In his free version You will have 10 minute lesson per dayor subscribe and train as much as you want during €4.99 per month.

REAL DRUM: electronic drums

Practice turning your mobile into a battery simulatorreflecting all the elements that compose it on your screen and thus develop your rhythmic skills without needing to occupy a large space in the house with a royal battery.

You can personalize your battery with images and sounds this week provides the app. And if you don’t know the drums yet, you can learn with 60 video tutorials and 33 loops in a wide variety of styles, ideal for learning everything you need.

Drums – drums play music

It is a game with which you will not only have an entertaining time, but at the same time, you will learn as you go. improve your drum skills.

With this app you can learn to play your favorite songs and weekly new songs will be added to the repertoire. Moreover, you can play in different difficulty levels and become a drum master, either with the tracks of your favorite songs in the backgroundor in the free mode where only you and your rhythm will cover the boring silence.

Whatever your level in drums, whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is always ideal for practicing and structuring new rhythms. So learn by doing in a playful way thanks to this list of applications to learn to play the drums from iPhone.

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