Best Apps to Learn Portuguese from iPhone

Now you can learn the official language of Brazil in a comfortable, dynamic and extremely practical way thanks to these applications to learn Portuguese from iOS.

To learn a new language It will always be a somewhat complicated task, to a greater or lesser degree depending on each person, but it will always bring benefits once mastered.

And it is that every day there are more people who seek to learn a new language, whether for academic, commercial purposes or for a good tourist development. For this, they formed educational institutions.

Best Apps to Learn Portuguese from iPhone

Now you can learn the official language of Brazil in a comfortable, dynamic and extremely practical way thanks to these apps to learn Portuguese from iOS

However, applications have also been developed which have been very useful for people who do not have the time and want Learn at your own pace.

That said, in this space we will tell you what are the best apps you can have on your iPhone to learn Portuguese.

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The 8 best apps to learn Portuguese on iOS

  • Learn Portuguese – Mondly
  • MosaLingua – Learn languages
  • Drops: language learning app
  • ‎Learn Portuguese with Busuu
  • ‎Beelinguapp: Language learning
  • ‎Tandem: Language exchange
  • ‎Babbel – Learn languages
  • ‎Rosetta Stone Learn Languages

As indicated above, we present a list with the 8 best apps to learn Portuguese. Most are useful with native speakers and can adjust your learning depending on your goals.

Learn Portuguese – Mondly

    Mondly: learning made easy

Mondly: learning made easy

You will learn to pronounce and read the Brazilian language with a bit of fun and ease 45 minute lessononce the lesson is over, key words will remain in your memory that will help you start a conversation in Portuguese.

Adapt the application to your language needs, either by academic enrichmenttourism or business.

The app has a sound player clearly, directly from professional actors, as well as an audio recognition tool that forces the user to perfect your pronunciation.

MosaLingua – Learn languages

MosaLingua: a method that will give you fast results

MosaLingua: a method that will give you fast results

Get one personal tutor always available on your mobile. This application will allow its users to learn the language of their choice simply by devoting 10 minutes a daywatching favorable results at 2 months.

It is developed by dominant people of different languages ​​and teachers who provide an enriching experience. you will learn with more than 3500 flashcards and recorded content from native speakers of the language, which will help you learn a correct pronunciation. Videos, lessons and dictionaries are among the learning methods.

Drops: language learning app

Drops: essential vocabulary guaranteed

Drops: essential vocabulary guaranteed

‎Learn Portuguese It doesn’t have to be boring and overwhelming. Thanks to dropsnow you will realize learn while having fun and with a big visual aspect. Each word features beautifully illustrated images that will help you anchor memories more easily.

his novel teaching method limit the use of the application to only 5 minutes a day, this helps not to oversaturate the user with new knowledge and forces him to put his concentration to the maximum during this period. The app has a statistical system reflecting progress and words learned daily.

Learn Portuguese with Busuu

Busuu: 10 minutes a day and it's done

Busuu: 10 minutes a day and it’s done

‎A unique app that puts you in contact with people all over the world and that they will guide you in the language learning process what you wish. It is a method in which you will meet new people and learn from native speakers They will correct you and give you advice so that you can move forward in your learning.

obtain a application certificate once you master the language. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to continue learning with the app.

Beelinguapp: Language learning

Beelinguapp: learn languages ​​naturally

Beelinguapp: learn languages ​​naturally

‎Learn Portuguese it’s more fun if you do it while reading your favorite stories. This is a teaching method where you will have available different fairy talesnovels and popular works as audio books and in your native language so you can learn the relationship, meaning and pronunciation of words.

It is perfect for all ages and skill levels. You will also find multi-genre audiobooks and totally free.

Tandem: language exchange

Master any language with Tandem

Master any language with Tandem

Practice the linguistic exchangemeet and connect with people all over the world with Tandem. It is one of best apps apps to learn portuguesewhich teaches you through practice by putting users, natives of the countries in contact with each other, on the language you want to learn.

Write down your goals and objectives and sympathize with a user who helps you in your goals. In a nutshell, with this application you will learn a wide variety of languages ​​such as Portuguese and even Spanish. sign language. It is a great application which can be used as a learning social network.

Babbel – Learn languages

Learn Portuguese from day one with Babbel

Learn Portuguese from day one with Babbel

This is a great course that is guaranteed to teach you and significantly improve your Portuguese language proficiency in so much only 3 months. He has courses and lessons designed on the subject that interests you, whether touristic, commercial or academic.

The first lesson of each course is available for free. He has a breakthrough speech Recognition so you can perfect your pronunciation, plus the review option for strengthen your knowledge.

Rosetta Stone Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn to speak Portuguese with confidence

Rosetta Stone: Learn to speak Portuguese with confidence

Among the applications that teach languages, it is one of those with the largest number variety of languages ​​availablewith a total of 24 languages. It is a course with which you will progress gradually, starting with learn wordsthen you will master the sentences and later complete conversationswhere you can talk about opinions and feelings.

Without realizing it, you will come to speak with so many confident and natural on everyday topics and in a new language. Better yet, you can download full lessons and complete them without needing to be connected to the Internet.

Now all you have to do is choose the app of your choice and the one that best suits your way of learning. When you least expect it, you’ll be speak Portuguese fluently and with such a convenient method that you will have it available on your iPhone.

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