Best New Apps and Games for Android (2022)

Every week we collect the best new apps and games that have landed on Google Play in recent days.

If what you are looking for are new apps and games to try this weekend, you are in luck because we bring you a few that will not leave anyone indifferent. Every week, new releases permitting, we’ll curate the best new apps, and the best, most entertaining, or most loved newcomer games , so you can try them out for yourself on your Android device.

We’ll usually pick out new free apps and games , though we’ll frequently highlight some paid apps as well. In that case, it may be a good option to use apps to get a balance on Google Play.

I wouldn’t miss them! And of course don’t forget to share your discoveries with us. Here we go!

Aplicaciones en Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Best New Apps of the Week (March 28)


Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

Supercasts is a new podcast app for Android , with a clean and careful design. The app is in an early stage of development, but it already comes with essential features like the ability to find and play podcasts , save favorites, download episodes for offline listening, and much more.


Dreamer is the new creation of an independent developer, who was looking for the best way to record his dreams . The application serves as a dream diary , which not only allows us to save our dream experiences: it is also possible to share dreams with other people, and read the dreams of users from all over the world.

Best New Games of the Week (March 28)

Samurai Shodown Aca Neogeo

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

The folks over at Neo Geo continue to adapt some of their classics to mobile platforms, and the latest to come to Android is Samurai Shodown . The legendary fighting game has landed on Google Play, with twelve characters to choose from, each with their own abilities.

Critical Slash

We continue with a classic format hack and slash , set in a vast world to explore, battles to enter and mysteries to discover.

It is an indie game created by a single person, with careful graphics . It is priced at 4.89 euros on Google Play.

Best New Apps of the Week (March 21)


ExplorApp is a new free travel organization app . It allows you to save favorite places, create itineraries, share them with friends and much more. The app has a careful design, is easy to use and has all the functions that we could need when organizing our getaways.

ReddPlanet for Reddit

There are dozens of different applications to consult Reddit , but it never hurts to see what the new alternatives have to offer. ReddPlanet is a new Reddit app with a design inspired by the Material Design lines , which adopts functions such as the possibility of blocking access to the app with our face or fingerprint .

Best New Games of the Week (March 21)

When the Past was Around

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

When The Past was Around is a Point and Click puzzle adventure game that tells the story of Eda, a 20-year-old girl who feels lost on her way to finding love, and who is not sure how to fulfill her dreams. dreams. The story is told through excellent illustrations, violin music, and thoughtful dialogue . The game is free to download and try, but you will have to pay to unlock the full story.

Dark Warlock

This action and strategy game recently arrived on Google Play offers us battles with other teams in which to compete to end up reaching the highest rank. To achieve this, we will form a team with Servants and take advantage of the Synergy effect to get

Best New Apps of the Week (March 15)

AREA by Autodesk

The people of Autodesk have launched this week a new application aimed at professionals in the field of 3D design . It is a social network for professionals, where you can share and discover the creations of the rest of the world.

Symfonik: Music player & cast

If you are looking for a new music player for Android, you should give Symfonik a try , a new application with a design inspired by Material You , which allows you to play music stored in the local memory of your device . In addition, it has features such as the option to broadcast content to Google Cast devices .

Best New Games of the Week (March 15)

A Musical Story

A Musical Story is a new and emotional graphic adventure in which we will accompany Gabriel on a journey through his memories and memories. One of its peculiarities is in the absence of text: the entire story is told through images and sound .

The Quest – Curse of Linmore

From Redshift Games comes a classic RPG title: The Quest – Curse of Linmore . It is an expansion for The Quest, which enables new areas and enemies .

Best New Apps of the Week (March 8)

Secure Camera

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

Secure Camera is a new privacy and security-focused Android camera app that includes different modes for taking photos, recording videos, and even scanning QR codes.

In addition, this app is as complete as any other similar tool, since it has portrait mode, HDR, automatic mode, night view and facial retouching .

Secure Camera is a free app with no ads or in-app purchases created by the developers of Graphene OS, a private and secure mobile operating system based on Android.

Secure PDF Viewer

In addition to Secure Camera, the developers of Graphene OS have also published another of their applications on Google Play, it is Secure PDF Viewer , a complete PDF reader focused on privacy and security that does not ask us for any permission to run .

Just like Secure Camera, this app is also completely free and has no ads or in-app purchases .

Best new Android games of the week (March 8)

The Impossible Game 2

The second generation of the mythical “impossible game” has returned to Android with even more levels, new music and much more.

This second installment has a new multiplayer mode that allows you to play with up to 60 people from all over the world via the Internet. In addition, the game does not include advertising of any kind.

Unreal Life

Unreal Life, the popular indie game with awards such as the Japan Art Festival’s “New Faces Award”, is finally available on Google Play. It is a graphic adventure that tells the story of the journey of a girl who only remembers one name: Miss Sakura .

Best New Apps of the Week (March 1)


DecoList is a notes and lists app perfect for creating shared shopping lists with other members of our family. The app has a simple design and can be downloaded for free.


Simpill is a new free app for Android, perfect for people who need to medicate or keep track of the medicines they take . It has a clear and simple design, and allows you to add as many medications as necessary. The app will notify us when it is necessary to take the medicines, keep track of the intakes and even see when we should go to the pharmacy to buy more .

Best new games of the week (March 1)

Final Fantasy VI

SQUARE ENIX has decided to start the month of March with a new title from the Final Fantasy collection for Android. It’s about Final Fantasy VI , a remastering of the famous title, which lands with a completely renewed graphic section and the same story that captivated thousands of people from all over the world.

Silent Dot

Silent Dot is a new minimalist puzzle game that offers more than 180 levels, in which you have to take the circle to the square where the triangle is . It seems easy, but as you progress through the different levels, you’ll see how things get complicated.

The game is priced at 1.99 euros and does not include ads or in-app payments .

Best New Apps of the Week (February 21)

Simple Keyboard

More than once we have talked about the Simple Mobile Tools collection, a series of open source applications designed to replace those apps that most of us use on a daily basis.

After several months without a new app in this collection, its creator has surprised us with Simple Keyboard , a new keyboard application for Android that is open source, customizable , without ads or unnecessary permissions, and that focuses on privacy.

Resize Image

Resize Image is a useful tool that does exactly what it promises. Allows you to resize, compress or crop images . Among its most useful features is the ability to resize images in batch , or change the size of all the images in a folder.

Best new games of the week (February 21)

Bladed Fury

Bladed Fury is a 2D platform game inspired by classic hack and slash games . It was originally released in 2018, as a title that offers up to seven hours of content in its main story.

It is a very faithful adaptation of the original title , which can be purchased for only 4.99 euros . On Nintendo Switch, the title is priced at around 20 euros.

Dungeons of Dreadrock

The second title selected this week is Dungeons of Dreadrock , an RPG inspired by the titles of the 80’s, where the mission is to overcome 100 different levels , drawn by hand and full of mysteries.

Best New Apps of the Week (February 14)

Atom for Reddit

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

If you like to consult Reddit from your mobile, but you’re not a fan of the official client, Atom for Reddit may be what you’re looking for. It’s a free Reddit app with support for multiple accounts, a neat interface, support for images, GIFs, videos, and more.

Among its most interesting functions are the anonymous mode , the instant change between accounts or the possibility of receiving notifications about the most popular publications of the moment.

Best new Android games of the week (February 14)

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Inua is a new Point and Click adventure that takes us to the northern tip of Canada, where we will accompany Taïna, a journalist in charge of investigating the disappearance of the Terror, one of the ships of the Franklin expedition, which set sail in the 19th century with the aim of exploring the Arctic.

The game has a minimalist aesthetic and simple gameplay, where what is really important is the story itself and the development of the characters.

Siralim Ultimate

Siralim Ultimate is a role-playing game that its creators define as a mix between Pokémon and Devil . This is a dungeon crawler RPG with over 1200 different creatures to capture. Dungeons are randomly generated and it is possible to fuse captured creatures to generate new ones.

The game does not require an internet connection , nor does it contain any ads or in-app payments . However, it is priced at 10.99 euros .

Best New Apps of the Week (February 7)


Bingeit is a new free app for Android that allows you to discover what to watch based on the reviews of people with similar tastes to yours.

The app has a careful design that makes it easy to navigate between movies and series, their details and the possibility of adding them to a database of movies and series watched or that you want to see.


Combapu is a peculiar application designed to organize our cleaning habits through rooms and tasks . With it, it is possible to establish the number of rooms in our home and the tasks to be carried out in each of them . In this way, the app shows a timeline with the tasks carried out, and helps us to develop more efficient cleaning habits.

Best new games of the week (February 6)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelThe mythical saga of card games, Yu-Gi-Oh!, returns to Android with Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. This is the adaptation of the card game to the digital format , with duels with other people from all over the world and specially designed 3D graphics.

The game is completely free to download , although it contains ads and some in-app payments .

Dungeon and Gravestone

For lovers of roguelikes , Dungeon and Gravestone will be one of the best titles that have landed on Android at the beginning of the year.

It is an adaptation of the famous PC game, which since its launch had accumulated hundreds of thousands of downloads. In this version, a slightly reduced experience is offered, although just as addictive and with excellent graphics.

Best New Apps of the Week (January 31)

Edge Card Launcher

Edge Card Launcher is a new application that allows quick access to device utilities and functions with a simple gesture, thanks to a side panel located on one side of the screen.

The app is free to download and fully customizable. For now, Edge Card Launcher is in beta stage.

Price History Tracker Glass It

If you want to be informed daily of the best offers, or know when one of the products you plan to buy drops in price, Glass It can help you. It is an app that allows you to track the price of items from stores such as Amazon or Etsy, get alerts by email or push notifications .

Best New Games of the Week (January 31)

The Son – A Wild West Tale

In this emotional graphic adventure, we accompany a six-year-old boy in search of his mother. It is a stealth game inspired by the Wild West, where we will have to explore monasteries and deserts using our ingenuity to dodge enemies and solve puzzles.

Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Dry Twice

The latest installment of Leisure Suit Larry lands on Android. The most spicy game saga takes us to the Kalau’a archipelago, where Larry will have to find his beloved, Faith.

Best New Apps of the Week (January 24)

CAPod – Companion for Airpods

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

Who said that it was not possible to use AirPods with an Android mobile? CAPod is a new tool that enables a series of functions in AirPods, until now exclusive to iPhone and iPad.

These include the option to view the battery level of AirPods and their charging case, charging status, connection status, turn auto-connect on or off, and more.

The app is completely free to download, although some options require an in-app purchase .

Wake on Lan

Wake on Lan is one of the most useful applications that have landed on Google Play in recent months. With it, it is possible to control any device compatible with the “Wake on Lan” function –such as a computer, for example– from our Android mobile or smartwatch .

Daily Spend

Daily Spend is a new app with which you can control your personal income and expenses in a simple way. Once income or expenses have been added, the app is capable of generating interesting statistics that can help you improve your savings habits.

Best New Games of the Week (January 24)

Angry Birds Journey

After a long wait, Angry Birds Journey has landed on Android and can now be downloaded in Spain. This is the latest installment of the mythical saga of puzzle games, with updated graphics, improved gameplay and much more .

Paths: Beatrice’s Adventure

Paths: Beatrice Adventure is a new and emotional graphic adventure starring Beatrice, a young woman with unusual power who lives surrounded by a dysfunctional family. The story is told through text chat , with each decision made having an effect on the story.

It is possible to download and try the game for free. However, you will have to pay 2.99 euros to unlock the rest of the episodes.


Arcanium is one of the new games released by Netflix this week on its gaming platform aimed at subscribers. This is an open world dungeon crawler and strategy card game , in which you will have to choose your heroes and embark on an epic quest to defeat Akham and prevent the destruction of the world of Arzu.

Best New Apps of the Week (January 17)

SubX – Subscription Manager

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

SubX is a new app that claims to help you save money. It is a subscription manager that goes further, as it not only allows you to keep track of your subscriptions, but also gives you recommendations on possible offers or discounts .

The app is fully translated into Spanish and allows you to choose our region to find discounts available in the country.

It is free to download , although some features require the paid “Pro” version.

YO What Status Downloader

With this simple free app you can download WhatsApp status images and videos to your gallery . It’s easy to use and has all the features you’d expect from a tool like this.

Best New Games of the Week (January 17)



The folks at SQUARE ENIX have finally decided to release a free mobile game . This is ChocoboGP’, a racing game where you will control Chocobo and Atla the moguri , and the objective will be to reach the finish line first using a motorized skate.


The second title we’re picking up this week is Turmoil , a simulator-style game inspired by the oil rush era of 19th-century North America. In it, you will have to earn as much money as possible while becoming a successful businessman in the oil industry.

Quest Hunter

Quest Hunter is a fun isometric action RPG , where each action taken will have a change in the story. There will be treasures and secrets, puzzles, abilities, upgrades, and most of all, enemies .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (January 10)


Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

PocketPlan is your new Swiss Army Knife for mobile. This free and open source app includes to-do list, notes, birthday reminder, shopping list and sleep reminder all in a clean and easy to use interface.


The second of the apps chosen in this selection is Never Miss , a useful tool aimed at those people who usually fall asleep when traveling by train, subway or bus, or who easily get distracted.

Thanks to Never Miss, our mobile will notify us when we arrive at our stop and it’s time to get off . The app is free, although it includes some ads. Its creator is studying the option of establishing an annual subscription model that serves to eliminate advertising.

Best new Android games of the week (January 10)


Think of Mimelet as a kind of revamped Super Mario Bros , with new puzzles, levels, and controls. The game has retro 2D graphics, and the mechanics are the ones you already know from most platform games of this type: run, jump and avoid obstacles and enemies until you reach the end of each level.

Where’s Samantha?

In Where’s Samantha you will have to explore a world made of yarn, accompanied by a piece of cloth named George in search of his lost love, Samantha. The riddles, puzzles and the wind will not make it easy for you.

It has a high-quality hand-drawn graphic section . It is free to download to try, and decide if you want to pay to unlock the rest of the levels.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (January 3)

Gym Pro TImer

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

Gym Pro Timer is a new training app that allows you to set timers based on repetitions, time, breathing rate and more. The app has a careful design, and offers the possibility of unlocking extra functions without having to pay.

Tracker Detect

We start the year 2022 with one of the most anticipated Android applications of recent months: Tracker Detect is an app created by Apple, which allows Android users to know if there are AirTags nearby , and if any of them are being used to track our location.

Using AirTags on Android: compatibility and everything that can be done

Best new Android games of the week (January 3)


A former Infiniti Ward engineer decided to quit his job to undertake a solo project. One of his first creations is IMMUNO , a casual “shooter” where the mission is to kill viruses by shooting those of the same color to destroy them before they gain access to our body.

Each level has its own final bosses , much larger and more dangerous than normal enemies. The game is free, easy to use and very entertaining.

Golf Up

Golf Up is a fun – and adorable – mini golf game with 3D graphics . Each level challenges us to overcome increasingly complicated obstacles, being necessary to measure each hit well to reach the goal.

It is a completely free game , although it contains in-app purchases that allow, for example, to eliminate the ads present in some game menus.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (December 27)

Luna – Reading Habit Tracker

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

If you have decided to read more books in this coming year 2022, Luna may be the application that will help you create the habit and maintain it over time.

With this free app you can record the books you are reading, the ones you have read and the ones you want to read , and see your progress over time. The app is capable of generating statistics based on your reading habits, and even sharing this data with other friends within the application.


Inure is one of those all-in-one tools that surprise us from time to time. It is an application manager that allows you to analyze and manage all the apps installed on the device, to see their content, modify aspects such as services or activities, uninstall, delete or share any app, and much more.

The application is open source and stands out for having a careful user experience thanks to a simple and careful interface. It has a price of 2.09 euros .

Best new Android games of the week (December 27)

Kero Blaster

Kero Blaster is a new action game with retro graphics , where we control a frog. Our mission will be to kill all the enemies, preventing them from attacking us and ending our lives.

At the beginning, the game begins with a very low level of life, and a particularly weak weapon. However, as you progress, it will be possible to improve the equipment through purchases made with the coins that are collected along the way.

Nobodies: After Death

In “Nobodies: After Death” you put yourself in the shoes of a “cleaning agent” in charge of eliminating any evidence of murders, in the most careful way and with the aim of avoiding leaving traces.

It is a point and click style adventure full of puzzles and brain teasers . The graphic section of the game is made up of more than 100 scenes drawn by hand .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (December 20)

DINA: Personalized Weather

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

Letting your weather app decide what you’re going to wear might be a better idea than you think. DINA does just that: in addition to showing you the current weather and the upcoming days, the app can suggest the most suitable combination of clothes for each day, depending on the weather.

DINA uses deep learning neural networks and artificial intelligence to recommend the right clothes at the right time. The predictions take into account multiple factors, including the physical characteristics and personal preferences of each user.


Despite being one of the most used apps in the world, Spotify is far from perfect. The application does not include, among other things, the option to view the activity of other users on the platform. Luckily, there are apps like Spotivity , which allow us to quickly see what our friends and family are listening to , from our mobile.

Gotta Habit

The end of the year can be a good time to set New Year’s resolutions and establish habits to develop throughout the coming year. A good app that can help us do this is Gotta Habit , a habit manager with a careful and intuitive design, which can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Best new Android games of the week (December 20)

Alien: Isolation

Lovers of the “Alien” saga are in luck. After several months of waiting, the mobile version of Alien: Isolation has finally arrived on Android , “ported” by the people at Feral Interactive to offer an experience as close as possible to that of the console version.

Infinite Tanks WW2

Tank battle games are not something new. However, it never hurts to see the new proposals from the developers.

In the case of Infinite Tanks WW2 , we find ourselves with a title that offers careful 3D graphics, personalization of our vehicles and games in five historical places. Of course, multiplayer mode is included where you can compete against other players from all over the world.

One Hand Clapping

The last title chosen this week is One Hand Clapping , a platform game with 2D graphics, where our mission is to solve puzzles by humming or singing into the microphone of our mobile .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (December 13)

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper engine portadaAfter a long wait, Wallpaper Engine has landed on Android to offer users of the Google operating system one of the most popular animated wallpaper apps for Windows. With it, it is possible to access thousands of wallpapers created by people from all over the world.

Weight Tracker +

With Weight Manager+ it is possible to keep track of the weight over the months, and how we manage to progress in our goal of losing or gaining weight. The app has a minimalist and easy-to-use design , and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Best new Android games of the week (December 13)

Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana para AndroidFrom the hand of SQUARE ENIX comes the mobile version of Legend of Mana , a retro -style role-playing adventure , where our mission will be to explore the vast world of Fa’Diel, full of enemies and characters of all kinds.

Package 3

The famous car chase game is back in its third edition, with even more levels and different cars to unlock. The game is completely free to download .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (December 6)


Although the application already existed, this week has seen the arrival of one of its most important updates since the MotionCam project started several months ago.

And it is that, with its latest version, MotionCam has become the first application that gives Android users the possibility of recording RAW video . In the video above, you can see an example of a clip captured using MotionCam.

The app includes features like double exposure controls , HDR and RAW video capture, and much more. For now, the app is not fully compatible with all mobile models on the market.

Nature Clock

Nature Clock is a tool that allows you to visualize the most important natural events , including sunrise, sunset, the beginning of winter or summer and much more. The app is fully customizable and is priced at 1.69 euros.

Best new Android games of the week (November 6)

Rocket League Sideswipe

After a long wait, the long-awaited Rocket League for mobile has finally arrived on Android and iOS this week. It is an “arcade” version of the legendary console and PC game, with a simpler format, but just as fun.

Alien Invasion: Tower Defense

A new game that has landed on Android this week is Alien Invasion , a Tower Defense type action title, where the objective is to prevent the enemies from stealing the energy cores .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (November 29)

Just Expenses

Just ExpensesJust Expenses is a new application to easily manage personal finances . It has a simple and easy to use design, works completely offline and includes interesting features such as the ability to view expenses and income by category .


One of the best apps that have arrived on Google Play this week is Quizer . It is a tool that allows you to create interactive courses on any subject. These courses can be exported to share them with other people.

Best new Android games of the week (November 29)

Peace, Death! 2

The second installment of the famous Peace, Death! is finally available. In Peace, Death! 2 maintains the mechanics of the original game, forcing the player to choose whether their “clients” should go to heaven, hell, or purgatory.

The game is priced at 2.49 euros and does not include ads or in-app purchases of any kind.

Rob Riches

In this puzzle game you control Rob Riches, an adventurer and treasure hunter, who will have to solve the various puzzles in each level in order to collect all the coins and discover the best treasures .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (November 22)

Fitness Tracker

The first app chosen this week is Fitness Tracker , an application designed to allow us to keep track of the calories we eat through food , through a large database with hundreds of foods of all kinds. And if a food does not exist in the database, we can add ours simply by entering the nutritional values.

Likewise, the app also allows us to keep a record of our energy expenditure through exercise.

The app has a simple and easy-to-use design, and has interesting details such as the possibility of viewing the “Nutri-Score” of the food.


Basically all mobile phones on the market include a calculator app pre- installed in their software. However, some users may find this type of app somewhat limited when it comes to performing specific calculations.

For this reason, there are apps like AllCalculator , an advanced calculator app that allows you to create your own formulas to facilitate frequently performed calculations. These formulas can also be shared with other users of the app .

Best new Android games of the week (November 21)

Crazy Warriors

Crazy Warriors is a new free game for Android mobiles , especially addictive and with striking graphics in pixel art style .

In it, we must get as far as possible through jumps, races, shots and much more . The only objective is to get as far as possible avoiding the enemies to stop us.


One of the best puzzle games to hit Google Play in recent months is Moncage .

The game takes place inside a mysterious cube, and each side of the cube houses a unique world: an old factory, a lighthouse, an amusement park, a church… Although it may not seem like it at first glance, all the worlds are connected to each other . yes , and your mission will be to discover the mysteries hidden in each of them in order to find the connection between worlds.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (November 15)

Wacom Notes

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

The company behind the famous drawing tablets has launched a new app for Android. This is Wacom Notes, an app that allows you to transform handwritten notes into smart digital documents , which allow you to search, organize notes by subject and much more.

The application can be downloaded completely free through Google Play.

Brainstorm: Creativity Trainer

If you need an app to boost your productivity and creativity, Brainstorm may be what you need. It is a free tool that suggests topics to think about and reflect on.


This week’s latest app may turn out to be the push you need to learn languages ​​once and for all! HeyPal is a social language learning app that connects you with natives from other countries to chat and learn new languages ​​first hand.

Best new Android games of the week (November 15)

PUBG New State

It’s been a while, but the second installment of the famous Battle Royale is finally here. PUBG New State is available on Android and iOS as the first title in the saga, focusing mainly on mobile platforms, with a renewed graphic section, improved gameplay and many new features.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Like every year, the people at SEGA are re-launching the latest installment of their famous series of football management games, Football Manager . In the 2022 edition, the same price of 9.99 euros is maintained , but new squads, countries, leagues and more are added.

The Ramp

One of the best games that have arrived on Google Play this week is The Ramp , a game where you will put your –virtual– skateboarding skills to the test, performing stunts on each of the different tracks available. There is no scoring, unlockable items, quests or anything like that, and the game is completely free to play.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (November 8)


Pointagon is a new productivity app designed to make your work easier when it comes to meeting goals. To do this, you will be the one who will establish the rules of each challenge based on your needs and goals.


One of the advantages of using Spotify in its desktop version is the possibility of seeing which friends are using the app , and what music they are listening to at any given moment.

With SpotiBuddies , it is possible to have this same feature on the mobile version of Spotify.

Best new Android games of the week (November 8)

Plant with Care

Plant Witch Care is a relaxing puzzle game where you have to plant and grow a garden in 72 different levels with 3 different difficulty levels.

The game has well-cared -for graphics and sound , and its playability is intuitive. It can be purchased at a price of 1.99 euros .

Super Mombo Quest

This new adventure game brings us a metroidvania with classic crcade mechanics, combining combat, combos and collectibles. All this, in a great interconnected world

Best New Android Apps of the Week (November 1)

Android 12 Widgets

Android 12 Weather Widgets-portadaThe easiest way to have Android 12 widgets on any mobile is through Android 12 Widgets , a new application that contains a large collection of widgets inspired by the aesthetics of Material You. The colors of each widget change based on the established wallpaper.

Best new Android games of the week (November 1)

Click Your Poison: INFECTED

Check Your Pison is a horror RPG that combines an interactive experience with an audiobook. It has more than 13 hours of narrated gameplay, and depending on our decisions, it is possible to reach more than fifty different endings.

Plan B from Outer Space

Another new title worth trying is Plan B from Outer Space , a choose your own adventure game where you control an alien who has just landed on Earth , and whose mission is to escape from the planet.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 25)


Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

With Poltreder, you can share images privately with other people without having to resort to classic services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Dropbox or Google Drive.

It is a gallery app that uses WebRTC technology, and that allows you to share images without the need to store them on any cloud server , and end-to-end encrypted at all times.

One of its great advantages is that the person who sends the images has control over them at all times. Thus, when you decide to delete them, they will also be deleted from the devices of the people who have received the photos.


Movie’Versary is a nifty new app that can help you choose which movie you want to watch next .

As soon as you open it for the first time, you will be able to choose from a series of genres, and the app will show you those apps that celebrate their premiere anniversary .

Best new Android games of the week (October 25)


One of the most entertaining games to hit Google Play this week is Townscaper . It is a casual style title, where you will have to build islands, villages and cities through blocks . The possibilities are basically endless, and thanks to its automatic distribution algorithm, the game becomes a relaxing experience rather than a challenge.

Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Get Together is a very good game to play with friends . It is a cooperative puzzle adventure, where each player will have to solve the puzzles in order to reunite with the other player .

Ninja Chowdown

We conclude this week’s selection with a free game, Ninja Chowdown . In it, we accompany Donatsu , a donut eater and full-time ninja, in a fun runner where we will have to kill the enemies and avoid all the delicious dishes that will appear along the way.

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 18)


Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

If you cook regularly, and would like to keep track of the recipes you prepare, Groceries is the application you need.

It is not an app for recipes to use. Rather, it is a journal that allows you to save the recipes you make , with detailed instructions and necessary ingredients. Among its functions, there is the possibility of notifying you when you do not have enough of a specific ingredient , so that you can go out and buy it before getting down to work.

The app is free, has a careful design and is available through Google Play.

Best new Android games of the week (October 18)

Hundred Days

If you were looking for a relaxing game , with carefully detailed graphics that also allows you to unleash your creativity, Hundred Days is the title you need.

In this game, you will have to make decisions to build your own empire of the wine industry in Piedmont.

Tesla Force

Another game released this week worth checking out is Tesla Force . This action game gives us control of some of the most prestigious scientific advances in a fantastic world, such as the Tesla Turret, the X-Ray Blade or a battle robot . All of them can be used to kill the enemies that are ravaging the city of Arkham .

Sugar Game

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 11)


As a great release this past week we must highlight StickerConv . It is a useful application that allows you to convert Telegram stickers to WhatsApp stickers, and vice versa .

The app works with both static stickers and animated stickers . You just have to choose the pack of stickers that you want to transform , and you can use it in the messaging app that you want.

Best new Android games of the week (October 11)

Sudoku Games in Spanish – Classic Sudoku Puzzles

Los mejores juegos y apps nuevos para Android de 2022

If you are looking for a good free sudoku game for mobile, this is the game you need. Sudoku Games in Spanish offers you more than 1,200 different sudokus , with four different levels of difficulty and a careful and intuitive graphic section.


Within the games section, we must highlight the arrival of titles such as the new HATSUNE MIKU game launched by SEGA.

It is, of course, a musical game , in which it will be possible to play half of the levels for free until the release of the full game in a few weeks.

Steam Highwayman – Smog and Ambuscade

Another title that should not be lost sight of is Steam Highwayman , a new text-based role-playing game , where each player will live their own adventure based on the decisions that are made along the way.

The story takes us to a world inspired by the steampunk current , in which to discover secrets, solve missions and rescue those in need .

Best New Android Apps of the Week (October 4)

Project Activate

Project Activate is the latest creation from the Research at Google division. This is a tool aimed at people with motor disabilities , which allows them to use the mobile with facial movements .

OpenSea: NFT marketplace

After a long wait, OpenSea now has an official mobile app. It is one of the most popular platforms to buy NFTs and explore non-fungible tokens available in the ever expanding market .

Best new Android games of the week (October 4)

Unicorns on Unicycles

Unicorns on Unicycles is one of the funniest games that have come to Google Play in recent months. It is a physics-based fighting game where the protagonists are unicorns riding unicycles.

The game includes more than thirty different levels , each with its own physical properties so that no two levels are the same.

Doors: Paradox

The famous developer Snapbreak brings us the third edition of the Doors saga , with even more puzzles and an improved augmented reality mode.

Its graphic section has been updated with new 3D elements, immersive sound effects and the option to try eight levels for free.