Bit2Me is already playing with foreign giants to profit from ICOs

Bit2Me, the Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, continues to grow. And it does this through agreements with international partners. The last of these, which is the start of a long list of announcements to come in terms of associations, was with DFG. The Singapore-based global investment fund focused on researching players in the blockchain and Web.3 sector, caught the to exchange Spanish as a partner for their mutual expansion. An agreement which, according to Leif Ferreira, founder of Bit2Me, indicates that it has gone through the media echo of recent months and the contacts that are being made in the sector.

The goal? Have eyes where Singapore’s bottom doesn’t reach. That is to say in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets where Bit2Me has developed strongly since its creation in 2015.

DFG is by no means new to the cryptocurrency industry. The fund, which was founded the same year as Bit2Me, already manages over $1 billion in assets. In its history, some examples of players of an increasingly vast sector: Cicle, LedgerX, Chainsafe, Bloq, Brave, Ripio or Bitso among many others.

Bit2Me has already launched its own ICO in the fall of 2021 – an operation that will culminate in September 2022 with the launch of the last token in the series.

In this case, DFG will not go its own way. This agreement aims to create a joint investment scheme in which both have a share. In this case, Bit2Me makes the selection of projects, in which the Singaporean fund will then have the investment preference. As a kind of privileged private investors who, due to their initial confidence, can obtain more advantages and rewards.