Bolt, Uber and Cabify’s problem isn’t just gas prices

Gasoline prices are on the rise. Very gas friendly. A problem that comes from even further than the question of the war in Ukraine. We’ve been dragging this issue out for a long time. The answers are not long in coming, mainly in the field of platforms. unanimously, all companies in the ecosystem have increased the price of their journeys. For Bolt, and in the words of Daniel Georges, director of ride-hailing and taxis for the company, hypertextualis a necessity they have perceived to continue to maintain viable operating margins.

Bolt, the Estonian ride-hailing and taxi company that has been operating in Spain since July 2021, was the first. A month ago to be exact. They made the drastic decision to raise prices by 10-15% for each ride. The minimum has increased from 3.50 to 4.50 euros (30% more), the price per minute has increased from 0.10 to 0.13 euros, plus an additional 0.50 euros per trip.

They are not alone, Uber has increased the trip by 0.50 euros. First in the United States for all its services, including Uber Eats, and a few days later in the rest of the regions for passengers only. Cabify, the Spanish version of the sector, had shown no signs of life. We now know, from what technology is hypertextual, that journeys will increase, on average, by 0.65 euros. The measure, in fact, has been active in Madrid since yesterday and in the coming days it will be extended to the rest of the cities in which the banner is operational. The cause? The same as everything: the price of fuel. The goal? Also make the service more sustainable and profitable for all parties.

And it is that beyond Bolt, Uber and Cabify, the transport sector with passengers, taxis and VTC, is on a war footing. Especially the taxi. In addition to the goods strike and protests from the world of fishing, farming and agriculture, a new player has now been added to the game. The fuel situation is close to reaching its peak. So much so that the sector has already announced that it will join the demonstration next Sunday to pressure the government of Pedro Sánchez to speed up measures to mitigate high fuel costs.

Bolt, Uber and Cabify’s problem isn’t just with gas

“Petrol is all over the headlines, but there are no problems in several areas,” says Georges hypertextual. The problems of the passenger transport sector, mainly in the VTC sector, They have a much wider range of options.. The one they dragged long before the fuel crisis.