Business communication tips

That you have high hopes of being next CEO big name or just preparing for an upcoming job interview, it’s important to learn how to communicate like a pro.

Imagining yourself working in a large office or other corporate environment can feel overwhelming. How do I talk to my colleagues? Am I being too flippant in my emails? Are there any phone etiquettes I should know?

Corporate culture has changed enormously with the advent of social media and a greater reliance on electronic communication. There are new best practices to follow to be seen as a professional. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve communication at workmany of which can be done through your human resources software.

1. Communicate regularly with employees

Communicating with employees is an effective way to ensure communication is strong. Schedule in-person or online meetings every few weeks or every month. Discuss projects, leadership feedback and suggestions for the future. You can also schedule stay interviews or create employee surveys. People want to share their thoughts and opinions. By respecting and listening to your staff, you will improve communication in the workplace.

2. Strategize for a new employee onboarding process

For new employees, it can be difficult to learn how to manage things in the workplace. Your intranet is the perfect place to put together a uniform employee training program that all new people follow. Make internal knowledge accessible through documentation and training videos on your company intranet. Also, make sure your employee directory is up to date and your question and answer forums are full of information. This way, new members can easily find people and answers, and you’ll maintain effective communication.

3. Evaluate your current internal communication strategy

It’s not easy to improve something if you don’t know what’s stopping you. Communication methods such as email, telephone, text messaging, and face-to-face meetings are suitable for different forms of communication. Email, for example, is probably not the most efficient way to find the answer to a quick and urgent question. That’s why many organizations are replacing email with collaboration tools and intranet software. Make a list of your current internal communication methods and determine what works and what doesn’t. This way you can know where to make changes to the way people communicate in the workplace.

4. Implement intranet software

It is one of the best solutions to improve communication at work. Integrated with tools that streamline day-to-day business processes, an intranet is also a solid internal communication platform with easy-to-use collaboration tools. It allows employees to connect and share ideas in a non-judgmental environment. The popularity of intranet software is growing at an exponential rate and it is becoming more and more intuitive to support all aspects of business.

5. Have an “open door” policy

Having an honest dialogue with managers and CEOs is a delicate and difficult situation for many employees. Some are uncomfortable being upfront with the boss and therefore don’t talk about it. An “open door” policy where your employees are encouraged to bring you anything is an incredibly beneficial way to motivate employees and improve communication. Build connections and encourage meaningful conversations so you can make positive changes in your workplace. If you are not approached by staff, always remember our tip no. Tip #1: Check in regularly with your employees.