Buying a PS5 could be more difficult this year



From its launch to end of year 2020most players find it difficult to buy a next generation consolein particular the playstation5. This is mainly due to the scarcity of many materials used to make the console. According to recent information, this situation is far from over.

The CFDsthe American Development Finance Institution, halved growth forecasts for consoles in this year 2022. Specifically, console revenue was expected to increase by 8%, but now it will increase by 4%. Besides, the material shortage Not only will the sales potential of the consoles decrease, but also that of the games coming out this year for them.

Xbox series XS

Xbox series X/S

Microsoft would gain ground on the others

sony would be the company most affected due to this lack of supply, as currently the demand for his console is far greater than the supply. According to sources from the DFC itself, this situation, added to the growing catalog of the service game passcould make the consoles of microsoft gain traction in the market in the coming years.

For its part, Change does not have major supply problems and today continues to be the best-selling console. But, according to this report, it may also lose market share in the near future.

Source: games industry