Can Apple Disable Removed Apps From The App Store

Over the past six months we have become accustomed to the fact that some Apps disappear from the App Store because of the penalties. Apps from Russian banks, media and even airlines Apple and Google are treacherously removed from their app stores. We even created a separate directory with the web versions of these services. The companies note that previously downloaded apps continue to work – and that makes perfect sense. But can they stop working? It seems so. In any case, UTair recently announced it. Let’s find out Can Apple disable the appwhich is no longer in the App Store.

Utair announced that the app will stop working due to an app store restriction. How?


UTair app removed from App Store

It happened, but everyone fell under the sanctions: big players like Aeroflot with Sberbank, and even UTair. The airline’s app disappeared from the App Store at the end of April. Also, as far as I know, the airline has a good web version: there you can buy tickets, check in for a flight and check your personal account.

By the way, the Utair app was the best in the world among airlines in 2018

Indeed, for users removing airline apps from the app store means almost nothing. Often, mobile clients are largely limited compared to web versions: if you fly Aeroflot often, you know how the application works. Some items like Aeroflot Bonus open separately in the browser, and the program itself is not so well optimized: it often throws it out of your personal account, so you have to re-enter it, convulsively remembering the password.

Also, when a notice arrives by mail about the start of check-in for a flight, the link does not open in the application, but in the browser – this is not a claim against the airline, but against Apple, which does nothing about this bug. And, to be honest, I almost never met people who would buy tickets through the app of the airlines – there are aggregators or bank customers for this, which often offer better prices and give bonuses. Reissue of tickets, refunds – all this is also more convenient to do through the web version, preferably from a computer. So no big loss.

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Can the app be disabled due to sanctions

Like all other companies, the Utair app has continued to operate since it was removed from the app store. But not for long: After almost 4 months, the company’s press office reported that Utair app will not work on iPhone from August 19.

On August 19, Utair apps will suspend work due to blocking by App Store and Google Play, Utair’s website reported.

But how is it possible that the Utair application is suspended “by decision of the App Store and Google Play”? Turns out the App Store Apple could disable Sberbank on iPhone? Not really. Here, the matter is in a small reserve of the press service of the airline, because the relationship between UTair and the App Store ended after the removal of the application. Neither the App Store nor the Cupertino Company can affect how the app works on your iPhone. In this case, you can stop its work yourself if you delete it from memory. So the problem here is clearly different.

Apple can’t disable apps, but it can strip them of important features

It’s probably a question of savings. Since the border closures in 2020, all air carriers have struggled, and now even more so. Utair cuts costs wherever possible. The problem is that even the work of apps removed from the App Store and Google Play must be supported, and not just published in other sources: these are the costs of servers, mapping services and many others functions that seem familiar to us. Banks can afford such costs, airlines – rather not.

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It is also important that app push notifications on iOS are responsible for Apple push notification service is a service owned by Apple. Who to deny app notifications is decided by the company itself. On the example of Sberbank, you have already understood that Apple may disable push notifications. Without them, any application becomes less convenient and almost no different from the site.

The app is expensive. So, under current conditions, companies are refusing them.

Airlines do much worse, so Utair was the first to choose the latter between app support and shutdown. The same version is supported by Telegram channels: they report that the airline simply ran out of application development licenseso now the company’s management decides whether to create a new program for smartphones or abandon it altogether, focusing on the web version.

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So fear not: Sberbank will not stop working on iPhone, as well as other apps not in the App Store. When Utair app will be disabledyou can simply delete it and use the web version in the browser without losing anything.