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Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools is not what it claims to be, so be careful with those apps that as soon as you open them ask you to connect to your social networks or other services.

It seems like the malware bounced back a bit lately, surely with the convulsive situation that exists on a global scale as an explanation and with the Internet as a very important point of attack and/or misinformation, which has led us to see malicious applications such as Escobar and RedLine , capable of bypass two-step verification and even hiding in YouTube videos.

Today we have another Dangerous apps that appear cyclically on Google Playand the fact is that the colleagues from Pradeo have discovered that a totally harmless application like Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, really hides inside a Spyware named Facestealer who is able to rob us facebook identifiers in a simple and almost transparent way for us.

Facebook user data is again shown to be insecure

Beware of using your Facebook credentials in other third-party apps, it may not be secure!

We are not talking about a minor problem, because the truth is that Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools currently has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Playand a simple trick in its interface which consists of using social engineering techniques to obtain our Facebook credentials, then establish connections with a Russian server send the obtained data.

In order for you to identify it correctly, app data on google play are the following:

  • Craftsart cartoon photo tools

According to the discoverers themselves, the good part is that Google is already aware of the casebut the bad news is that out of those 100,000 users, a huge percentage have probably been pirate without realizing it, and still others will be in these hours or days it takes to remove Mountain View store app. For the moment, of course, it is still available…

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That’s how it works face thiefand this is how cybercriminals collect your data

The truth is that Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools could first go through any another harmless photo editing app with which you can later quickly share your photos on social networksand the reality is that it will be easy for you to be fooled by how the app works.

And it is that once installed, when you start Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools we open a Facebook login page which is not suchbut which effectively mimics the window connection from the popular Menlo Park social network. This homepage is where a code has been entered that goes unnoticed by Google Play protections and other app stores, and this code is responsible for collecting our credentials.

Beware of Craftsart Cartoon, it steals your Facebook data

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools seems to be a completely harmless app on Google Play.

Once reached, the malware connects to Russian servers and sends datagaining full access to users’ Facebook accounts pirate, including personal dataphysical addresses, conversations, searches, photographs and even credit cards and other information contained in the social network.

as you will see it is quite easy to fall into the trapbecause Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools does not work if we do not enter Facebook credentials, and certainly the page of connection false is quite similar that any average user untrained in security techniques would expect. piracy.

Beware of Craftsart Cartoon, it steals your Facebook data

Screenshots of how Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools works, easy to get your Facebook credentials.

According to Pradeo experts this remote domain registered in Russia has been used intermittently for the past 7 yearsand has been connected to several mobile applications, all of which are malicious and which they ended up being removed from Google Play and other stores.

Cybercriminals end up using victims’ data to commit financial fraud offenses if they have credit cards or other data on Facebook, or also for send links from Phishing or spread fake news in a much faster way.

So, be careful with applications to which you give your credentials from other servicesand above all, pay attention to the fact that the pages of connection be the officials. It is not easy to see the differences but they still exist, and also these groups of cybercriminals they tend to quickly repackage apps once deleted to continue their activities.

And urgently, if you have Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools installed, you need to delete it as soon as possible from your smartphones and change facebook password ASAP… Run, fools!

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