What is Google One App? How it Works

How to use Google One Time Init – What it is and How it Works Google One Time Init is a feature that will allow you to sign up for Google One with your Google Account. It is a mandatory step to use the service, and the user won’t be able to use it until … Read more

what is the best? How to recognize it and change it?

Do you know that on your phone screen several. thousands of luminous points, thanks to which the image is formed? And the more such dots there are, the clearer the image on the screen! Well, evaluating this moment allows a parameter such as permission screen (each screen has its own). Usually set in pixels, for … Read more

Which folder saves photos and images on Android phone (default)

Everyone Well Good morning! A rather amusing situation: taking a photo or a screenshot is not so difficult on modern smartphones, but then finding it in memory among many directories is another question… (and if the device does not is not standard with a “crooked” firmware, it may be the time required). Novice users usually … Read more

Is there a way to safely remove the excess?

User Question Hello. I bought a new phone, installed a SIM card and an SD memory card. Then I logged into my Google account. Everything seems to have been loaded, but in the phone book, all contacts have duplicates (i.e. 2 times). Instead of 150 lines – now 300! Is there a way to clean … Read more

Mobile internet not working on phone. What should be checked!?

Happy hour everyone! Today there will be a brief little note, built in the form of step-by-step instructions. It can help in cases when the mobile Internet “suddenly” stopped working on the phone … (hardware is relevant for Android smartphones). Important point: if you have traveled outside a major city and have lost internet access … Read more