You can chat on WhatsApp with Smart Glasses

The WhatsApp code confirms that it will allow Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glass users to chat within the app. Thanks to an update in the messaging app. Facebook smart glasses will let you chat on WhatsApp The Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp will soon launch a new feature through Google Play’s beta program. With this upcoming … Read more

Watch out! A Huge Facebook Feature Has Been Blocked

Facebook has left its users baffled after apparently removing a popular feature over the weekend. The dark mode of Facebook for iOS – an eye-protective display setting – has been off since at least Saturday. The problem is probably a bug. The parent company of Facebook, Targethas not given any explanation about the problem. The … Read more

Problems with the METAVERSE, mobile digital identities are necessary

doWhat exactly is the metaverse? doIt’s a digital world 3Dparallel and totally immersive in which we live, play and work? doOr it is a series of interconnected virtual experiences that we seamlessly navigate through with our avatars and wearable digital accessories.? The exact nature of the metaverse is still not entirely clear, nor is its … Read more

How to Change Email Address on Facebook?

How to Change Email Address on Facebook

What do you need to know before change email address on Facebook? In the web: Press the arrow to bottom > Settings & privacy > Settings > Edit > Enter New email. In the app: go to Menu > Settings and privacy > Settings > Personal information > Contact information > Add address > Enter new email address. Please confirm by … Read more