AMD Ryzen 7000 is Aiming Pretty High – Little Guide

AMD Ryzen 7000

AMD officially introduced the series Ryzen 7000a family represents the future of business when it comes to desktop processors. The 7000 Series replaces the 5000 series in the area of ​​high-performance desktop processors. And it also launches a new architecture, dubbed Zen 4. These processors, as the brand had revealed in the past, are the … Read more

Zyro Hostinger, How To Build A Website With Zyro


Even beginners can quickly build a website using Hostinger’s Zyro Without coding and design skills, building a website without the services of expert web designers and developers seems like a daunting task. Most successful websites are based on awesome designs, excellent content, and a perfect user interface. It’s a no-brainer – make your website look … Read more

Benefits of Using a CDN : Content Delivery Network On Your Website

Benefits of Using a CDN

CDNs, or content distribution networks, are critical to the fast loading speed of our website. This factor is crucial for optimal SEO in web search engines and the best experience for our users. The Internet has been gaining the respect of all those who want to expose a business idea on the network. We have … Read more

Questions to Ask When Building a Website

Questions to Ask When Building a Website

Questions To Ask The Client Before Designing And Developing A Website How to plan the development of a Web page? Establishing an effective communication channel between the parties and, with these questions, you will achieve it. Regardless of whether you are a web design and development company or the end customer, we can agree that planning is … Read more

Best Laptops for Architects : Buying Guide to Looking Better

Best Laptops for Architects

Given the avalanche of requests, we have finally decided to update the article with the current content and the final table of recommended equipment. I hope it will be very useful for you.  If you have come this far, it is because you are an architect or architecture student, and the time has come to … Read more

The partition on the disk and the files on it are not visible, on my computer there is a yellow closed padlock on the disk – the disk has been encrypted by BitLocker. How to find the key and decrypt the disk

User Question Good morning! Help with a problem… I want to reinstall Windows 10, but I can’t make a copy of the files I need from the OS disk partition – Windows won’t boot and this partition doesn’t is simply not visible in various programs (I booted from LiveCD). In one of the programs I … Read more

Как поставить пароль на папку, файл или флешку. Запароливаем Всё!

Вопрос от пользователя Здравствуйте. Подскажите, как запаролить папку, в которой у меня находятся мои документы. Папка находится на флешке, а ее приходится носить с собой и подключать к разным ПК и ноутбукам. Не хотелось бы, чтобы кто-то их увидел или скопировал к себе. Маленькое добавление: пароль нужно поставить именно на папку, а не на саму флешку. Т.е. … Read more

What to do… 😥 Blocking Instagram, Twitter and other networks, how to pay for purchases in online stores (on Aliexpress, for example), analogues of foreign services

World peace! To be honest, I didn’t want to touch on the main subject of February-March 2022. on the blog pages… (who would have thought that the usual life could change so drastically…). However, the latest measures of some foreign services and companies – one way or another force them to take certain measures (and … Read more

Антивирусы и защитное ПО на 2022 год: небольшая подборка для дома

Доброго дня! В последние пару лет все чаще можно услышать, что сторонний антивирус в современной Windows в общем-то и не нужен. Что встроенный защитник и так защищает от большинства угроз… 👀 Здесь, конечно, толика правды есть — современные Windows 10/11 (с вкл. обновлением📌) на самом деле куда безопаснее в этом плане, чем 7-ка (например) — Windows defender … Read more