How to sign a PDF document with an electronic signature

Good time. On the one hand, today’s question is purely professional (office), on the other hand, you can come across it quite by chance (even if you are not a “boss” …) . In addition, in the last few years, electronic document management has only grown! 👆 here should make one right away. remark — … Read more

Office applications FineReader, PDF24, NAPS2 do not see the scanner (several recommendations to help you)

User Question Good afternoon. Please let me know if there is any solution. Problem with Kyocera FS-1120MFP. Office applications just don’t see the scanner, I tried FineReader, PDF24 and NAPS2 – all the same… Scanning goes through the printer management, everything is in order in the device manager… What’s wrong ? Hello. Most often the … Read more

a selection of useful programs (OCR) and services

Have a good day! Today, in a note, I want to address a “painful” desktop issue: “…here I have a photo of a page from a book/document, how can I put it into Word to edit the text…?”. (variations may vary slightly) Main The “problem” here is that there is no text on the photo … Read more

выбираем из шаблонов или делаем с нуля!

Доброго времени суток! Сегодня визиткой уже никого не удивишь: она есть не только у крутых бизнесменов и больших компаний, но и у обычных людей, занимающихся оказанием каких-либо услуг населению (например, ремонтом техники, настройкой ПК и пр. 👀). Вообще, сейчас чтобы создать визитку — не нужно обладать какими-либо уникальными знаниями, достаточно затратить на это дело 10-15 мин. … Read more

How to Change Folder Color, Icons and Background in Windows 11/10 (and File Explorer+ Appearance)

Hello computer! This note will be relatively small: about customizing the appearance of folders in Windows 11 (10) – their background, and icons (see screenshot below 👇). Also, most of the utilities that let you customize folder design in Windows XP/7 don’t work in the modern 11th OS… Someone look at these “decorations” with great … Read more

How to find, install and update a printer driver

User Question Salvation. I have a relatively old printer and a new PC. For some reason, the Windows 7 driver was not automatically selected for the printer. I found them (with difficulty) myself on the Internet, downloaded them, but they are just a normal folder with files. How can I install them if there is … Read more

to paste, just press “Win”+”.”

Good day! Often, when corresponding, a smiley (or emoji) inserted in time can very accurately express our attitude or mood on a particular issue. In addition, interesting “icons” ✌ help to “dilute” the text, make it less monotonous and draw the reader’s attention to some interesting points (I often use this ☝ on my blog). … Read more

Google Sheets: Get data from other websites

Have a good time everyone! Today there will be a small note about office duties – working with signs … Excel, of course, is a good thing, but for some tasks it is not very practical to use (or even impossible). And in this case, a Google spreadsheet can be a very good choice (especially … Read more