Samsung Plans to Switch to MediaTek in the High End

It seems that the new beast of MediaTek made Samsung think. Yesterday, MediaTek launched its new processor top of the range star for the 2022 season. This chip is the MediaTek dimension 9000, a processor manufactured in 4 nm by TSMC which could have one of the best architectures on the market in terms of … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core, your most basic and inexpensive new mobile

Samsung has just released a new Samsung Galaxy A03 core. Basic for less demanding users. The company doesn’t just focus on updating its highest lineup and mid-table terminals, it needs to do the same with the lowliest as well. Today the Samsung Galaxy A03 Core, a very basic and inexpensive device that can be purchased … Read more

Android 12 Update List: Official Dates of All Models

Samsung has finally figured it out and created a list Android 12 update official dates. There are dozens of Samsung mobiles that are pending update in all countries and this list will enlighten users of certain models. If you have a Samsung device and think you should upgrade to Android 12 and One UI 4 … Read more

LPDDR5X- New 64GB RAM that could hit cellphones in 2022

Technology continues to advance and Samsung is always at the forefront. Today the company announced the first LPDDR5X RAM for mobiles which not only have spectacular features, but also promises absurd maximum amount of RAM. In 2022 we will see some very interesting smartphones with features that could exceed what was expected. The mobiles with … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 says goodbye to Exynos: everyone will have Qualcomm

Major new leak transforms what we thought of futures Samsung galaxy s22. These devices, about which you have already been told almost everything, will be presented in a few months. February seems the most likely date and the few unknowns that remain about them are gradually unraveling. Today, a statement by a former Samsung employee … Read more

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Which is Faster?

Performance and speed have always been very important factors in smartphones. Today, they are not so much anymore, because they all tend to behave decently. Yet conflicting evidence still exists. Today we focus on IPhone 13 Pro Max Speed ​​vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. YouTube channel PhoneBuff took on the two devices in doing its … Read more

Samsung RAM: Increases the RAM of its Mobiles With an Update

What Samsung is doing with some mobiles in its catalog we have never seen in other companies. The company follows a strategy used by some Windows computers to increase device RAM the adoption of a certain part of internal storage. Samsung does it every time more mobile And yours could be one of the elect. … Read more