Splatoon 3 for Switch | Everything we know so far

Splatoon 3

Throughout these years, many players have been aware of Nintendo news related to Splatoon. After all, the confirmation of the end of Splatfest brought with it a very present concern among players that ultimately confirmed its existence. What can we expect from Splatoon 3? Below, we go over everything confirmed so far. Splatoon 3 presents … Read more

The end of the Pokémon Era?

The arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet demonstrates the next evolution of the brand. Junichi Masuda From the beginning of Pokémon,…

Where does the name Yuji Itadori come from?

One of most important processes when creating a manga is, without a doubt, everything that surrounds the creation of the protagonist of the work, from its conception to of course its name. Both aspects must be memorable for them to stick engraved in the memory of readers. For this, many mangakas are usually inspired by … Read more