Tenorshare 4DDiG: the easiest software to recover deleted files

Data loss is a condition in which information stored on a computer or storage medium is destroyed due to physical or logical damage. Accidental deletions, system crashes, storage device failures and malware infections are some of the most common reasons for data loss. A data recovery method rescues those inaccessible data using a variety of … Read more

How to Add Desktop icon in Windows?

How to Add Desktop icon in Windows

By default, all versions of Windows do not have a desktop icon. “My computer” (which is so necessary for novice users). I think the developers “hide” it in vain… (after all, removing the icon is easier than adding it…). In the context of this note, I have decided to cite several of them. Ways to add the … Read more

How to Create Windows 10 Recovery USB

How to Create Windows 10 Recovery USB

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In computing, this maxim will save you from any problem. Data loss devices that do not turn on, files that disappear. Everything goes well until the good day Windows stops working properly. What to do in this case? There are several solutions, depending on the severity of the problem. … Read more

How to Run Windows Troubleshooter (System Self-Diagnosis and Treatment)

Have a good day! It turns out that not everyone knows that Windows has a fairly good system of self-diagnosis and “cure” (error fixes). When various problems arise (e.g. sound, network, Bluetooth, power, etc.) – you can launch the troubleshooting wizard with three mouse clicks – and after 2-3 minutes. get a working system! 👀 … Read more

The best software for your PC

Want the best software for your PC? Our huge list brings together the best and safest programs for all needs and if you want to buy the license of any of the programs, you can do it at https://revolutionsoft.net/. The best PC software won’t bog down your Windows computer. It’s clean, free, and does the … Read more

Gadgets (widgets) for Windows 10/11 desktop

Good time! Once upon a time in Windows 7, a very handy thing appeared on the desktop – gadget (gadget): these are small informative windows that tell you the current time, the weather, the latest. tickets, exchange rates and much more! Those. you don’t need to manually collect this information from dozens of sites (they … Read more

Comment décorer et changer le design de Windows 11/10 (+ arbre de Noël en direct et Père Noël sur le bureau pour le Nouvel An)

Bonne journée! À la veille du Nouvel An, de nombreux utilisateurs décorent non seulement les maisons et les esclaves. armoires, mais aussi leurs PC 😉 (du moins je vois ça avec beaucoup – certains mettent une photo avec le Père Noël sur leur bureau, quelques sapins et guirlandes de Noël…). En fait, pendant longtemps, j’allais … Read more