Cheap but very cool products from Aliexpress

The growth of the dollar to record highs, which happened literally all of a sudden, taking everyone by surprise, led to the inevitable rise in prices. Literally everything has gone up in price, including all the consumer goods from Aliexpress, which we used to buy for a penny. However, cheap but useful products remained on the site, despite changes in the exchange rate. Therefore, it is probably better not to waste time and buy everything you need here and now. After all, it’s not up to you to buy sugar, the right thing.

On AliExpress you can always buy a lot of useful goods for cheap


The cheapest Xiaomi headphones

If you think all headphones should look like AirPods, you’re wrong. First, because it doesn’t make sense, and second, it’s not always practical. This model earphones from xiaomi Although it connects to phone and other devices by wire, it can even give “pods” a chance.

It is one of the cheapest headphones on the market.

The main advantage of the Xiaomi Mi in-ear headphones is lossless music support. And all this thanks to a wired connection. An analog signal is output via the mini-jack to the headphones, which cannot be streamed via Bluetooth. As a result, neither AirPods nor other lossless wireless headphones support.

Price: 350 rubles

Buy Xiaomi Headphones

Despite the low price, xiaomi headphones They’re made of aircraft-grade aluminum, feature a set of interchangeable ear cushions, and come equipped with a cable with a special anti-tangle coating. It is thanks to this that your earphones will no longer wind up in a knot if you put them in your pocket or bag.

electric pepper shaker

pepper mill It’s something that should be in every home. Because there is nothing worse than pre-ground pepper, which tends to run out of steam, turning into a sharp little dust. But grinding it by hand every time is another challenge, especially if you’re cooking a dish for the whole family.

The automatic pepper mill is as practical as a dishwasher

Where is the best place to buy this? electric drive mill, which will operate the millstones alone. You don’t even have to press any buttons. Simply pour pepper, salt or other spices into the pepper shaker, then turn it over and wait for the grinder to grind the right amount of spices.

Price: 1200 rubles

Buy a pepper mill

The accelerometer is responsible for the operation of the automation. When you flip the mill over, it understands this and starts the millstones, and also lights up the light bulb. Why is it needed? Thanks to this, you can accurately see the amount of ground spices, adjusting it depending on the dish.

iPhone Shockproof Case

Purely constructive almost everything iPhone cases are quite similar to each other. They take the form of a smartphone and often differ only in the material of execution and, at most, some external elements such as an integrated wallet for cash or bank cards.

This case is called shockproof for a reason.

But this case is different. Its corners are not beveled, as in classic cases, which, on the one hand, gives the smartphone a completely different look, and, on the other hand, provides it with better protection, which can be considered shockproof. After all, if the device falls at an angle, the impact will be cushioned, allowing you to avoid damage.

Price: 400 rubles (+ 460 rubles delivery)

Buy a crate

The cover is available in several options for different iPhone models, but only in one color – mother-of-pearl. It shimmers in the light and looks very interesting. But keep in mind that the accessory itself is inexpensive – only 400 rubles, but in addition you will also have to pay for delivery. But it’s worth it.

Card holder for iPhone — buy

Now that Apple Pay’s work in Russia is limited, many have started to get used to carrying bank cards with them for payment again. But you can’t just put them in your pocket. This means that you also need to take a wallet, and it’s an item that can not only be forgotten, but also rather inconvenient to place somewhere if there is no bag.

Stick this card holder on the back cover of your iPhone or cover and pay under condition without contact

As a solution to this problem, here is iPhone card holder. It attaches to the back of your smartphone or case and allows you to intercept multiple cards and cash. They do not increase the dimensions of the device much, but at the same time they leave you no chance of being left without a means of payment.

Price: 120 rubles

Buy a card holder

Unlike the brand Apple Cardholders, which are attached with magnets only on new iPhone models, an adhesive is applied to the back of this accessory. So you can stick it on the metal and glass back of your device, and even on the case, regardless of the material of its execution.

Is it worth buying Sberbox

Sberbox is the cheapest TV stick today

Many are quite skeptical about the products produced by the updated Sberbank, but Sberbox – this is what everyone needs, including Smart TV owners. There are several reasons for this:

  • Sberbox allows control your TV with your voice (ordinary smart TV does not know how);
  • 3 months free offer SberPrime subscriptions (very practical package subscription);
  • Sberbox is cheapest tv boxwhich is on the market today (even Mi TV Stick costs almost twice as much).

Price: 2490 rubles

Buy Sberbox

Sberbox allows make even an ordinary TV smartand smart will offer additional functions in the form of an extended range of applications that can be installed from the local AppStore, support for games and special gamepads that come with the kit and are attached to a smartphone, turning it into a gamepad.

Smart bulb with speaker

Today, no one is surprised by smart light bulbs. But smart bulb with built-in speaker – And how. Like a regular smart lamp, this one is controlled from a smartphone or using a full remote, but on top of everything else, it also lets you play sound using it as a speaker. external.

A bulb with a speaker can replace a small speaker

The power of the speaker built into the bulb is 3 watts. It’s not much but exactly the same Yandex.Station Miniwhich sounds rather cheerful. Of course, she will not be able to pump the whole room, but it will certainly be enough for a children’s disco. Or, for example, to listen to fairy tales.

Price: 1030 rubles

Buy a bulb with a speaker

It’s great that the light bulb is built into the column, thanks to which you can organize sessions light music. The LEDs will flash in time with the track being played. Customize the color you want and enjoy. The bulb has base E27standard for Russian chandeliers and lamps, so there will be no problems where to stick it.