Chechen president calls Elon Musk “Elona” and offers help

Elon Musk continues with plans to duel Vladimir Putin to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The CEO of Tesla and Space X, remember, used his official Twitter account to send a message to the President of Russia: “I challenge Vladimir Poutine (name of Vladimir Putin in Russian) in individual combat,” he said. So far, no member of the Kremlin has responded to Musk’s offer. Dmitry Rogozin, chairman of the Russian Space Agency , did it. And now, Ramzan Kadyrovleader of the Chechen Republic who assured the tycoon that he needed “go from the sweet (sissy) Elona to the brutal Elon you have to be”, to take on Putin.

Kadyrov, a staunch ally of Vladimir Putin, did not respond to Elon Musk via Twitter, but via a wide post on his Telegram profile. In the message, the President of the Chechen Republic (Russia) warned Musk: “Don’t measure your strength against Putin’s. You are in two completely different leagues”. After comparing Putin and the tycoon in a boxing battle, Kadyrov continued, “You’ll have to pump up those muscles to get through the sweet (sissy) Elona like the brutal Elon you must be. I offer to train in one of the different centers in the Chechen Republic.” He then summarized some of the training centers in his region. “You will come back from the Chechen Republic as a completely different person Elona, ​​​​​i.e. Elon,” the politician wrote to end the post.

Elon Musk did not hesitate to react by sharing the publication on Telegram on his Twitter profile. The manager decided to reject Kadyrov’s request, assuring that he only needs his left hand to deal with Putin. “Thanks for the offer, but such excellent training would give me too much advantage. If you’re scared of a fight, I’ll agree to use only my left hand, and I’m not even left-handed.” commented Musk, who signed the tweet as Elona. The tycoon too changedfordo his twitter name for the female version proposed by the Chechen president.

Who are those who replied to Elon Musk’s post?

Ramzan Kadyrov he is the second person to meddle in Musk’s offer to Putin. The politician, accused of kidnapping and torturing gay citizens, has repeatedly shown his loyalty to Putin. In fact, and according to reports, Kadyrov is currently in Ukraine to help the Russian army with the terrible invasion.