Check out Mamoru Hosoda’s tribute to Red, the new Pixar movie

Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda

Report is the new pixar moviewhich just came out a few days ago in Disney+ and is very popular with fans of the anime world, since it is loaded with winks and references to gender. So much so that many of them have filled social networks with drawings and content of the characters from the film.

Specifically, one of his scenes is inspired by the film The girl who crossed timeone of the Japanese director’s most famous films, Mamoru Hosoda. To pay tribute to this Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Disney organized a conference between him and Dome Shithe director of Red, which has already been published on the official YouTube channel of the American company.

A very special thank you

In this conversation, Hosoda praised Shi’s work as a director, notably in the digital effects section, while Shi hailed Hosoda’s record and how it inspired him. As a thank you for the invitation, Hosoda posted the following drawing.

We see Maythe protagonist of Red, with the main character in Hosoda’s next film, beautiful -the protagonist is the one who gives the name to the film-. This one will be released on May 3 on digital platforms and on blueray on May 17. Belle is about a shy girl who becomes a famous pop star by entering a virtual world.