China and Russia could use laser weapons to attack US satellites.

The Pentagon says China and Russia are increasingly developing and deploying weapons intended to attack American satellites. The statement comes from a report by the Defense Intelligence Agency, which also scrutinizes the two countries’ apparent plans to expand their space intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance apparatus.

as collected Bloombergthe main concern of the United States is laser armament which the Chinese and the Russians could take advantage of to deactivate their satellites. However, the aforementioned outlet indicates that the intelligence report is mainly based on articles extracted from the press, as well as statements made by officials of the targeted countries.

“China has several ground-based laser weapons of varying power levels to disrupt, degrade or damage satellites,” the report said. He also mentions that although his current capacity is limited, the Asian giant’s systems could already be set up against satellite sensors. And he assures that by the end of the current decade, they could extend to the point of affecting non-optical satellites.

As for the Russian threat against American satellites, the Pentagon remained on the same line. According to intelligence authorities, this nation also has a land-based laser battery which can be used to “blind” them. Moreover, the predictions for the future were very similar to China’s, ensuring that by 2030 they could attack satellites of all kinds.

As expected, the response to the American accusations was not long in coming. “The United States has woven a narrative about the alleged threat posed by China and Russia in outer space to justify its own military buildup,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.