confirmed the cameo of a former partner of Marc Spector

The first chapter of moon knight could have represented the best of the Marvel series. A new character and its internal pulsations. A new villain and his interests. Amid the incorporation of their stories, which gradually connects and establishes the points of tension between the two. As if that weren’t enough, in a story directed by oscar isaac and Ethan Hawkeother key characters within the comics are also adapted, much to the delight of fans.

This is Bertrand Crawley, one of the most prominent members of those who support the moon knight. Their relationship began in #28 of Spotlight on Marvelwhen he served as an informant for Marc Specter and their different alter egos. Because yes. It should be remembered that this new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has different personalities, due to a psychological condition. The best known are Spector and Steve Grant. Both have already been shown in the Disney Plus adaptation. Other denominations by which the character is commonly known are Jake Lockley.

with the latter, Bertrand Crawley He has a special relationship, because he is the one to whom he has communicated different things several times. What are the characteristics of this character? It moves through a sort of urban underworld, often has dramatic detail, and in the comics is known to carry a loose tea bag. The confirmation of the Easter egg was made by the writer of the series.

Moon Knight and Berthand Crawley in the series

Jeremy Slater, who is responsible for the story, replied via his Twitter profile to doubt During the first chapter of moon knight, Steven Grant conversed with a living statue, while eating a bite. The detail, beyond helping to understand his complex psychological temperament, allowed the presentation of Bertrand Crawley, played by Shaun Scotta history of the British scene.