Connect a PS5 controller to an Android phone

Connecting a PS5 control to an Android phone is something simple to do, we leave you all the steps to do it at

The DualSense controller playstation5 It also works with Android phone so you can use it in gamepad compatible games. Remember to keep the Playstation 5 turned off so that it can work on Android.

Connect a PS5 controller to an Android phone

1- Open the settings panel of your android.

2- Look for the connected devices button.

3- Select Pair new device to put your phone in pairing mode.

4- Now in the two-way PS5, press the create button next to the PS button for several seconds.

Connect a PS5 controller

5- If everything went well on the Android phone, the wireless controller will appear under Available Devices.

Connect a PS5 controller

6- Press pair when the question Pair with wireless controller appears.

PlayStation 5 DualSense buttons.

The PS button is the classic button that is in the middle of the two analog sticks, previously on PS4 or PS3 this button was a circle with the PlayStation logo and now on PS5 it has migrated only to the letters PS.

The create button is located at the top left and next to the D-pad it features a three-line transmit icon. On the PS4, this button was called Share.

Pressing PS+Create will turn the touchpad into a flashing blue light so you know if the controller is already in pairing mode.

Some Android games compatible with Gamepads.

Call of Duty®: mobile

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Shooter

Horizon Chase – Exciting Arcade Racing Game


Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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