Cool Items From AliExpress Everyone Should Know About

It looks like you can find everything on Aliexpress. No, really, take a look at this site and try to fill in something completely casuistical in the search box, and I’m sure you’ll find a little thing on your request. Just because there are a lot of products here and for all tastes, instead of stupidly flipping through recommendations and tops, I would recommend looking at themed collections. In this case, the probability of finding really suitable products increases significantly. Well, simply because you won’t be distracted by nonsense. Save time and be satisfied. We, in turn, try to regularly make selections on apple-related topics and delight you with interesting products. Today we bring to your attention bone conduction headphones, a smart bulb with synchronization through the app, a Lightning cord in a fabric braid and several other interesting items.

We have collected a selection of cool products from Aliexpress for you, which you are not ashamed of.

I would especially like to thank the Telegram channel Alibaba’s Chest for this collection. The guys post some really cool stuff from Aliexpress, which they personally test. I confess that I stole a few items from this list of goods from them.

Lenovo Bone Conduction Headphones

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to put your body in order after hibernation. It has become dry in the streets of most cities, it is time to start running in the park, cycling and other activities.

I know most people like to run with headphones on. So it’s not boring, and the distance with the music is halved, at least according to the sensations. It’s good to run in the stadium with headphones, but in the city it’s quite dangerous. Either the car will come out of nowhere, or the cyclist or scooter will cut out somewhere.

Today I want to offer you a solution to this problem – Lenovo Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones. With them you will hear the entire surrounding space and you will certainly not have any problems. The headset is connected via Bluetooth, holds a charge for about 7 hours and produces a pretty good sound. Also there are protection against water and dust according to the IP56 standard, which is also cool.

The headphones are charged via MicroUSB, able to see the phone from a distance of up to 10 meters. You can choose from models with an additional headphone case and classic wired headphones included. You will have to pay about 600 rubles for them.

Product Rating 4.9 Reviews 86, Orders 397.

Great helmet for sports. Recommend.

Price: 2000 rubles

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Fabric Braided Lightning Cord

More recently, Apple thought about it and started making threads from a fabric braid. I don’t know what they thought there before, but, in my opinion, such a step should have been taken a long time ago. Think for yourself, the classic wires in the kit break almost every 2-3 months, they could somehow get out of the situation, right?

Apple can’t, Baseus will help. Here is an excellent quality yarn from a brand that has long established itself on Ali. In general, I will give you advice, if you see Baseus or Ugreen – take it without looking, the quality will definitely be superb. If you use fast charging on iphoneDon’t worry, there is one here.

Product Rating 4.9 Reviews 6415, Orders 19110.

Price: 380 rubles

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iPhone case with card holder and stand

Apple Pay in Russia is everything. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to decline iPhone contactless payment. For several years, I have become so used to it that now, for a few weeks, I have been frantically looking for different exits. One of them is such a case with a compartment for cards and a built-in stand. With it you will kill two birds with one stone: and the phone will be the place to lean on and you can pay for your purchases without problems.

Of the characteristics, I note the highest quality of seams and good protection of the smartphone from drops. In the comments they write that the cover fits like a glove, and the cards are confidently held. Of the shortcomings – the card will suit only one. But, in fact, we don’t need more.

Product Rating 4.9 Reviews 14, Orders 84.

High quality case with breathtaking functionality.

Price: 400 rubles

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Band jewelry for Apple Watch

An interesting gadget is the Apple Watch. Brutal men say they prefer mechanics instead, because this device looks too feminine. The girls say the watches don’t fit them either, as both are wearing watches. Well, look at the statistics of sales or passers-by in the main street of the city, there is nothing to complain about.

I still wonder how smart you have to be to come up with the idea of ​​inserting jewelry into the holes of the Apple Watch strap clasp. No wonder they say everything ingenious is simple. And yes, he looks great! It seems to me that such an accessory is a real must-have for every girl.

A set contains 5 jewels. The seller offers a choice of more than 40 different combinations, so that every miss can find something for herself. I won’t talk much about the quality of the goods, let the order count and rating speak for me.

Product Rating 4.9 Reviews 1329, Orders 6572.

And let someone else say the Apple Watch isn’t for girls.

Price: 200 rubles

Buy jewelry for the bracelet

smart bulb

Perhaps someone will say that the bulb from this collection is irrelevant, but such an accessory simply cannot be ignored. Here’s a smart bulb that syncs with your phone through a special app and has some amazing features.

Inside the app, you can choose from 16 million different colors, adjust the light temperature for your apartment, or schedule a light bulb to turn on and off at a specific time. Moreover, this gadget is perfect for the occasion of a party. The lamp has the light music function and can adapt to the surrounding sound. What do you think of Elon Musk?

No, of course I wouldn’t completely change the light of such lamps, but I think everyone should have a few of these things. The icing on the cake is the price. For all this you will pay about 400 rubles. I think it’s just a gift.

You cannot put such bulbs everywhere, but you must have one in your house.

Price: 400 rubles

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Sneaker-shaped AirPods case

I used to think that such cases are very inconvenient because they take up a lot of space and turn your headphones into a bulky device. A little later, it finally dawned on me. In fact, such a case has many advantages.

First, with such a case, it is not at all scary to drop the headphones. The defense is just awesome. Second, this thing taught me not to put my headphones in my jeans pocket. It’s funny to you, but pockets full of miscellaneous accessories look disgusting. Yes, clothes stretch.

Of the many cases with sneakers, I have specially chosen the most neutral for you. Black box, white sneaker – it will suit everyone. And, of course, it’s not just a sneaker for you, it’s a legend – the Air Jordan 4 Retro in Royal Blue. Google for interest.

Product rating 5.0 reviews 7, orders 95.

A cool case with which your AirPods will certainly not get lost in your pocket.

Price: 300 rubles

Buy an AirPods case

iPad stand

I know a lot of people are buying iPad replacing the MacBook. Of course, a very reckless decision, but I know these guys. And what, buy an external keyboard, get up and voila, they say. Well, if you need a typewriter or you’re a designer, why not. Remember, if you were to buy a stand, then only this one.

No, I’m serious, no other supply will suit you better than this creation from Ugreen. For several years, this device has proven itself so well that one could not even dream of it. Quality metal body, two hinges with flexible adjustment, everything you need is there. Yes, the price is not the smallest, but what do you want, in front of you is not a big one, but piece goods!

Product Rating 4.9 Reviews 537, Orders 1425.

Every iPad owner should have this accessory.

Price: from 1200 rubles

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