Cool Products From AliExpress You Can Buy Now At A Discount

On the AliExpress lots of cool products that are not ashamed to buy and at full price. After all, in Russia they will cost even more. There are at least two reasons for this. The first is that the assortment of domestic online stores often consists entirely of products ordered on Ali. And the second is that the sellers who trade on Ali are exclusive discounts. They are what we need. We present a selection AliExpress goodswhich are selling at an unprecedented price.


Ali is full of products that are good even at full price, not to mention buying at a discount.


Smart plug with Alice

Smart plugs can be really cheap

Everyone wants to have smart plugs, but not everyone can afford to spend money on them. After all, most of them cost a lot of money. It is quite normal to pay 1.5 or even 2000 rubles for a smart socket, and then also pay for a proprietary gateway, without which it will not work. But there is no need to overpay, because there is CBE smart plugsthe price of which is only about 500 rubles.

Price: 525 rubles

Buy a smart plug

This socket has a current strength of 16A, so it will be possible to connect almost any household appliance through it – from a floor lamp to an electric kettle and even a TV. Thanks to it, you can control household appliances through an app from a smartphone or by voice, since the socket is compatible with smart Alice’s assistant from Yandex. Therefore, it will be enough to say – Alice, turn on the light, and the lamp will automatically turn on.

Yandex.Station mini 2 — buy

Yandex.Station mini 2 on Ali today is cheaper than anywhere else

smart speakers have long since ceased to be a luxury. Especially with the release of Yandex.Station mini, which received a major update this year. The second generation speaker, unlike the original model, is equipped with a three times more powerful speaker, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, mini-jam and Bluetooth 5.0. It is logical that it costs impressive money. But just not sure Aliexpress Russianwhere you can buy it for about 1.5 thousand rubles cheaper than in retail.

Price: 4990 rubles

Buy Yandex.Station mini 2

In this case, we are talking about the basic version without LED display. However, in my opinion, this is the best option. After all, in a pinch, you can request time in a voice, and I don’t see the point of overpaying 20% ​​of the price for the opportunity to see it. Especially when possible buy discounted Yandex.Station mini 2. By the way, it is sold by Svyaznoy, which has its own store on Ali. Therefore, you can not worry – this is not a fake, but a real original.

How to increase your computer’s RAM

You can increase your computer’s RAM for reasonable money

Although most modern Macs do not allow expand ram, computers from other manufacturers usually have no problem with this. Thus, it will not be a dream to take advantage of this opportunity and accumulate ramespecially since, thanks to Aliexpress, this can be done at a significant discount.

Price: 5500 rubles


Two-channel fittings RAM of Asgard have the DDR4 standard and are available in 2×8 GB and 2×16 GB versions with a frequency of 3200 MHz. And as a bonus, it comes with RGB lighting compatible with Asus, Gigabyte and MSI lighting controllers, making your PC less boring with iridescent hardware components.

Thermal imager for the phone – which is better

A thermal camera is a professional thing that can’t be cheap

thermal imager – a rather specific and narrowly focused thing, and therefore not cheap. With its help, people make money by checking thermal bridges in homes and even using them to scan space for strangers. Therefore, if you choose such a device for yourself, know that it will not work to buy it for three kopeks. In order for the device to really work as it should, it is necessary to choose the appropriate models. like that UNI-T thermal imager (a well-known and proven Chinese brand) – just from this series.

Price: 16,000 rubles (when paying via Qiwi – 12,000)

Buy a thermal camera

It is practical because, despite all its compactness, it is equipped with a complete system temperature scanning sensor system and works in tandem with a smartphone. Just plug it into the charging socket, download the app and start working. The smartphone in this case serves as a viewfinder – it is on its screen that temperature changes are visible, which the thermal imager captures, with all the necessary explanations and warnings.

External battery with MagSafe

High-wattage and MagSafe power banks are best

Powerbanks – a very useful thing not only on long trips, but also in everyday life. Even in everyday life, it will not be superfluous to simply throw an external battery in your backpack so that when needed recharge your smartphone right now. Another thing is that many cheap power banks have limited power output, due to which they release a charge very slowly. But this model from Baseus is a surprising exception to the general rule.

Price: 2450 rubles (with promo code RUME800)

Buy a power bank

First, this 10,000mAh power bank Supports 15W fast charging to make your iPhone charge as fast as possible. Second, a system is integrated directly into the battery case MagSafe Magnets, thanks to which the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can be recharged even wirelessly, and at the same maximum speed. And if you want, you can just put it on the table with a special stand and use it as a docking station.

TWS headphones for sports

It is TWS sports headphones which will not fall off when you are doing sports

key disadvantage of most TWS headphones is not the most secure fit. They simply don’t have anything to fix in users’ ears, which is why they tend to fall off when doing sports. For this reason, many people prefer to take headphones with them for training, which are attached with a special cable, because at least you can’t lose them. But thanks Lenovo LP75 this problem will be solved.

Price: 1260 rubles (with promo code LP7555)

Buy Lenovo Headphones

These TWS headphones are good because in addition to a special shape – anatomically comfortable – they are also equipped with special temples that act as supports and do not allow them to fall even during intense running, jumping or dancing. Weather headset battery life – 6 hours, and with a charging case it increases to 28. Users who have already purchased them highly praise the sound quality and low signal delay, even if the smartphone is at a distance.

Yandex.Station Lite — buy cheap

Take Yandex.Station Lite if you want to save money

Yandex.Station mini 2 is, of course, cool. But if your goal is to save as much as possible, it’s better to buy a lite version. It costs even less and sounds even better than the first model. A 5W speaker is installed in its body against 3W of the first Mini Station, thanks to which you will appreciate the playback quality with precision. Or Microphones at Station Light just as good as the old speaker.

Price: 3999 rubles

Buy Station Light

station fire suitable both as a first speaker and as an auxiliary speaker, if you need to equip the whole apartment with smart speakers. With it you will have no problem managing your smart home, as well as listening to music that will always be activated at your request. As a gift with Station Light, 3 months free subscriptions to Yandex.Morewhich includes Yandex.Music and access to Kinopoisk.