Could ‘Morbius’ be the abrupt end to Sony’s Spider-Man?

One of the most surprising things about Morbius it’s its old-fashioned atmosphere, poorly constructed and with huge flaws in consistency. The combination of a typical origin story with the central character’s inner darkness is confusing. Worse still, it fails to hold on to a script full of flaws. During its first half hour, Morbius it’s an ill-advised, tedious, and messy mix of action and horror overtones.

What could have been another step in Sony’s plans to create its own spiderverse fails amid an unincentive plot. The character played by Jared Leto is actually a kind of poorly executed version of a more complex anti-hero. It’s a shadow of what the ambitious trailers showed or hinted the movie might be. In contrast, Morbius It is sometimes a ridiculous proposition and almost always without force or incentive.

This is a major misstep in Sony’s intentions to create its own spiderverse. A long-term project that integrates Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – or one of its variants – in one of its future productions. Also, to crystallize the possibility of bringing together the villains of the superhero context in a single film. Bit by bit, Sony has been building the base points for exploring Spider-Man’s rich setting.

In particular, after the box office triumph – although not the most critical – of the duology of Venom and the phenomenon of Spider-Man: No Coming Home. These two things had several immediate effects. On the one hand that Sony could verify the profitability of the exploitation of its interconnected universe. At the same time, that study has secured an agreement in principle to continue its difficult partnership with Marvel. And at the other end, the possibility of increasing the importance of the Marvel characters in the possession of the Sony. Much more, by somehow interacting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the failure of Morbius could doom the future of an alternate spiderverse, at least for now.

Morbius: a faceless vampire, a story without incentives

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The movie of Morbius it seemed like an essential piece amid Sony’s ambitious medium-term plans. Or at least be part of the structure that would allow him to implement his own multiverse concept in a coordinated way. After all, this was the film that would feature an unknown character for most fans. But also one that could give rise – or at least provide a coherent scenario – to several points that Sony wants to deepen. Doctor Michael Morbius could be part of an interconnected expanded universe, in which multiple timelines could coincide. Or at least intersect to add value to existing ones.