creator explains why he didn’t adapt a key moment

The Bridgertons They continue to generate stories to tell. It’s one of the current series on Netflix, a simple story that hooks locals and foreigners alike. At such a level that production is going at the pace of records within the platform. But all is not good news.

This series is inspired by the novels of Julia Quinn. The writer is one of the most notable voices today, with historical romance as his primary strength in building his storylines. It didn’t go badly for him: some of his work has been translated into 41 languages. Is this a disadvantage? Not for her. But adapting The Bridgertons yes, it causes problems.

Some readers have questioned the adaptation, developed by Chris Van Dusen. In particular, there have been criticisms regarding the marriage of Anthony, played by Jonathan Baileyand Kate, played by Simone Ashley. During the series, this moment was not recorded. On the other hand, inside the literary work, it happens. This prompted a response from Van Dusen.

The Bridgertons and the explanation of this moment

The second season of The Bridgertons it is centered on Anthony, who wishes to take a step forward in relation to his affective life. To do this, he explores different options while discovering his interest in Kate, with whom he ends up getting along. While in Julia Quinn’s novels the marriage of the two is developed, in the Netflix adaptation it doesn’t happen the same way.

Given the disparity, Chris Van Dusen explained in TVLine: