cryptocurrency investor profile

The cryptocurrency market, in addition to being a nest of machismo and testosterone, is also is favored by users with a “dark triad” personalityas concluded by a survey shared by the magazine ScienceAlert. People with these characteristics have a narcissistic and Machiavellian behavior that could lead them to bet on a volatile market, such as that of these assets. Even, and according to the aforementioned outlet, in many cases it’s not just about making money.

The objective of this research, initiated by Direct Sciences, was to find out what kind of people are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Mainly because this market is one of the most speculative. The cause? Prices can drop dramatically within a few days, and for whatever reason. The investigation would also reveal the connection between users with narcissistic personality and their “attitudes towards cryptocurrencies”.

For it, Direct sciences asked a total of 566 people to complete an online personality survey, then answered questions “about their attitudes towards crypto”. Also whether or not they were planning to invest in this market. The first results showed that 26% of respondents confirmed owning cryptocurrencies, while 64% were interested in this market.

The researchers took these findings into account and conducted psychological tests to measure “dark triad” personality traits.

We measured his “dark triad” traits using standard psychological tests. We also measured traits that may link dark personality to judgments about crypto: fear of missing out (FOMO; the feeling that others are experiencing better things than you), positivity (the tendency to be positive or upbeat in life) and belief in conspiracy. theories.

Many users are not looking to buy cryptocurrencies to make money

The survey concluded that many users’ interest in cryptocurrencies is not related to earning money, but with his narcissistic, Machiavellian attitude, his sadistic even psychopathic personality.

Direct Sciences points out that the Machiavellian people, for example, tend to share government-related conspiracies and distrust politicians. these they believe that cryptocurrencies are a means of preventing parties from controlling their movements, and they invest in them. the narcissistic peopleInstead, they are more confident when it comes to investing in risky stock markets.

On the other hand, people with psychopathy they seek this type of investment as a form of stimulation. Those users with a sadistic personalitywhose objective is to profit from the suffering of others, they invest because they seek to obtain this reward that another user could not obtain.

The research also points out that both of these personality types “lack positivity about their outlook,” leading them to dislike cryptocurrencies.