‘Dead Space’ Remake Will Wait Until 2023

EA and Motive have revealed the official launch window for Dead Space Remake: early 2023. The announcement was made during an official broadcast aimed at offering new details about the title. Among them we have a new sound technology, the ALIVE system; and some features that will be of great importance during our games, such as character dialogues, breathing and heart rate.

In addition, the two companies took the opportunity to share new videos with the gameplay of the remake of dead space. In them we can see the new graphical and playable section. However, according to its creative director, Roman Campos-Oriola, the title is still in a premature state and what we see”not representative of the final version“.

We want to be sure that what we offer lives up to fan expectations. We have in mind its launch in early 2023.

Philippe Ducharme, senior producer of the project

The new details behind dead space

Dead Space Remake is currently in condition pre alpha. This means that again is at an early stage of its development, therefore, it requires multiple adjustments and corrections to become the final version of the game which, if all goes well, will be released in the first months of 2023. As we have already mentioned, Roman Campos-Oriola, its director creative, clarified that what we see might not be in the final version; the game will therefore improve in many ways over time.

Similarly, Philippe Ducharme, its senior producer, anticipates that the game will be playable “from start to finish” in just a few weeksalthough in good condition pre alpha, of cours. Because of this, he said they believe they are in “a strong position to be able to do the right polishing, the right debugging, and meeting the date that we have in mind.”