Did you like “The Adam Project” ? watch these 5 movies

Ryan Reynolds has done it again. Your participation in the adam project, coupled with an entertaining narrative, made the film a hit last weekend. Of course, the reviews are valid. Does Ryan Reynolds act like Ryan Reynolds? Are there any amenities in the story? Because Jennifer Garnier didn’t have more space in the film? Every question is valid. However, the film has a background that also references other types of conversations. For example, What are the films he pays tribute to and what should you see?

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have commented on press tours that the adam project It worked as a tribute to different films that marked their childhood. Formally it would not be a reversal of these, but they would be obvious winks intended for the general public to recognize these productions or, failing that, to be curious. This detail is not minor because it is movies which marked a before and after in the history of cinema.

Of the options, the clearest evidence points to Steven Spielberg, the genius of science fiction. Through several franchises, the director and producer managed to build different universes that are still remembered today and that have influenced, as in the adam project, in the realization of other stories. We see them.

Movies you should see if you liked it
the adam project

Most movies were released in the 80s and 90s.

Franchise star wars

the adam project It’s the story of a trip back in time to try to change different events. To deal with the risks, as Adam (Ryan Reynolds) becomes a fugitive in the reality he was in, he uses lightsabers. They are not the same ones that have been incorporated into all the films of star wars, which you can watch on Disney Plus. But the reference is sustained, even in the combat choreographies, through which some clashes between representatives of the force and the dark side can be remembered. These stories have accompanied the film industry since 1977, to position themselves as an essential reference within pop culture.