Digimon Survive: Everything We Know So Far

If we talk about licenses that have managed to be very present in the hearts of their followers, without a doubt the name of Digimon is more than recognized. After all, it has managed to attract the attention of players with its proposal in a digital world where creatures are powerful and do not hesitate to take on any challenge to overcome them with effort and dedication. Corn, What will we see exactly in the return of the license to video games?

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Digimon Survive: The dubbing actors present themselves in a new trailer

In a new advance posted on social media, the expected Digimon Survive presented to Casting of Japanese voice actors which will bring the characters of the game to life. In this trailer, we can see the protagonists with their respective Digimon partners.

We can point out that Takuma Momozuka and Agumonthe leading couple, will be played by Kohei Amasaki and Chika Sakamoto, respectively.

After many delays, in an effort to improve the quality of the game and polish some details, it would seem that Digimon Survive will see the light in this 2022. The game will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Digimon Survive: Digimon Game Delayed Again

Digimon Survive is one of Toei Animation’s most anticipated games, but fans are going to have to be patient before they can enjoy it. Thanks to the latest financial report of the company, we have been able to know that the title is again delayed, something that has already happened on previous occasions.

According to the report presented by Digimon Survive, the game which was scheduled for 2021 will be postponed until next year. The report specifically states,Digimon Survive Released (PS4/Switch) [2022]” thus exposes that the game would be postponed to the third quarter of the 2022 financial year.

Digimon is one of the most popular anime franchises. Since its arrival in 1999, it has become one of the most popular series, becoming famous all over the world. From there, different games and films were created, one of his most recent works being the series digimonaventure 2020, an adaptation of the original series.

An unexpected presentation that left us with a good taste in the mouth

For years, gamers have been eagerly awaiting Digimon’s return to the world of video games. The animated series in its time transported us to a digital fantasy world full of great creatures and all kinds of combat. Corn, What if we took this to the world of video games? Then the Bandai Namco proposal made its appearance.

Digimon Survive will take us into the incredible digital world with totally new characters but, yes, with creatures more than known. After all, who wouldn’t want Agumon as their perfect partner? This is one of the proposals that the company let us see a little higher because, after all, there is much more to know soon.

The story in Digimon Survive

As defined by Bandai Namco itself, we are faced with a story of survival in a strange new world that comes into being as part of the celebration of the Digimon anime 20th anniversary. Of course, this proposal will not take us into the fantastic digital world of which we already know every corner, but we will go even further.

The adventure will take us to a mysterious world with characters also designed by Uichi Ukumo and the soundtrack by Tomoki Miyoshi. For this reason, we meet before a really complete work and which takes care of every detail, both artistically so that it looks like an animated film and when it comes to transporting us into spectacular role-playing battles.

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive

In itself the adventure will be something similar to what is present in the animated series where we will see a new group of teenagers who will be directed by Takuma Momozuka. During a school outing, they get lost and find themselves transported to a strange world where monsters and dangers are the order of the day.

Therefore, the time has come to return to this world plagued by difficult decisions and deadly battles. The best thing is that each of the decisions made by the player will have its effect on the game, especially with regard to the possibility of evolving Digimon and the end that we will have in our adventure. For him, choose the path you want to follow.

Confirmed characters and their fellow adventurers

For the moment, many details remain to be confirmed, but there are already confirmed presences, in particular the creatures with which our protagonists will have a great relationship. And that, of course, they will need our good decisions to being able to advance and improve in combat.

We know that Takuma will be the protagonist of the adventure and that he will be well accompanied by his classmates, who will help him advance in the story. Each will have its own character and unique details that will make them stand out more strongly but, who will be his companions in battle?

Takuma Momotsuka – Agumon

Aoi Shibuya – Labramon

Minoru Hinata – Falcomon

Ryou Tominaga – Kunemon

Saki Kimijima – Floramon

Shuuji Kayama – Lopmon

Kaito Shinonome – Dracmon

Miu Shinonome – Syakomon

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What platforms will Digimon Survive be available on?

One of the big doubts about the platforms on which the game will be available has been answered in due time by Bandai Namco. Yes, but mostly it has been confirmed that the game will come to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Oneplans may have changed over time.

It’s a generation gap, after all, a time when gamers are already a bit closer to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles than they are to previous-gen consoles. For this reason, it would not be surprising if the catalog of platforms had increased a little, thus giving the possibility of playing also on the new Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Digimon Survive Release Date

And here we are faced with the great dilemma of this long-awaited project. For a long time, there were big unknowns about this proposal. After all, we end up with a game eagerly awaited by players but, unfortunately, has not yet confirmed a release date.

Despite the fact that 2020 seemed like a good year for its arrival, in the end the company, although it wanted to maintain the proposal for the players, had to back down for the sake of work. Thus, its development led to its premiere in 2021. All this in the hope that the situation with the pandemic will eventually allow players to enjoy this great digital adventure in all possible ways.