Disney needs to stop making ‘live action’ remakes

A few weeks ago, Disney shared the first image of tom hank Interpretation Geppetto, the carpenter who, seeing a shooting star, made a wish. He wanted the figure he had just created to have a life of its own. the Framework served as a cover letter for the next live action which will be published. It is Pinocchiothe film that will tell the story of one of the most important characters in children’s stories, both in literature and in cinema, through different adaptations.

His story will be told again because many years ago, in 1940, Disney released an animated film of the character. Perhaps this, after other adaptations, is the most recognized in relation to the character. This film also has a special meaning for the company: it is the second feature film they have developed and the first released in the middle of Second World War. It is obvious that the company takes care of every detail of the new production. FOR Pinocchio It was followed, over the years, by a handful of productions that eventually became animation classics.

These are films that, beyond the interpretative license in the adaptation – the stories are generally more cruel – have marked several generations of children and adults. These are period productions, both for their designs and for their history; even several of these anime characters are currently being sold as part of the pop culture, although several years have passed since its inception. They remained in the collective imagination and this is one of the reasons why live actions of this kind of movies it is a risk.

The live actions
and recent Pinocchio background

Disney has made at least 17 animated film adaptations in live actions. Its history within these versions begins in 1994, with The Jungle Book: The Adventure Continues. The production, led by Stephen Sommerwas tied to the original film titled The jungle Bookcreated in 1967. The most recent reinterpretation of this style has been cruelDirected by Craig Gillespie and inspired by 101 Dalmatians. Before his arrival mulanDirected by Nikki Carobased on the animated story released in 1998.

mulan. Photography by Disney Enterprises.

In the case of mulan and cruel, Disney did something interesting compared to the other releases. The first was part of a strategy to promote and attract subscribers, conditioned by the pandemic caused by the COVID-19[female[feminine and isolation as a sanitary measure. The second movie It wasn’t part of a campaign to attract new users, but it was a twist on more traditional adaptations. It was based on the character of a story, with a look, a clear perspective, rather than telling an adapted story in an animated key.