Do you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra? Well pray that it doesn’t break because the repairs are very complicated.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a truly “premium” smartphone even in its internal construction, although JerryRigEverything already warns: “it is well built because it is difficult to repair”.

It seems that the success of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra continues to go through the main analysis tables of the industry, the one from Andro4all included where we have reviewed it in depth so that you can check first hand all the details of a smartphone which, according to my colleague Christian, is “very good, very large and very Note”.

The most interesting, however, are usually those in which some of the youtubers most popular as Zack Nelson They destroy very expensive mobile phones at 1,500 euros to show us that on this occasion, Samsung has done its job well by designing a Galaxy S22 Ultra that is a real rock, with an almost indestructible chassis from Armor aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus+.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra teardown by JerryRigEverything

According to JerryRigEverything, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is very well made even if it is really complicated to repair.

Evidence that the head of the popular channel JerryRigAll just finished posting the full teardown of a Galaxy S22 Ultra that really turns out premium also in its design and internal construction, a South Korean work of art which obviously has its negative effects with the complexity of its repairs due to some design decisions.

Either way, don’t worry, failures are not common in these devices and right now we present to you both Zack’s video and their findings on components and repairability of the last flagship from Samsung.

According to JerryRigEverything, the new Galaxy S22 Ultra is both well built and difficult to repair in case of failure, since Samsung designed it with several very sensitive cable ties, lots of glue to secure its battery and a separate plate for a huge system. photographic.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is like a rock, and JerryRigEverything confirms that too with its toughest test

Here’s how to disassemble a Galaxy S22 Ultra, and here’s all the complexity it presents

What is certain is that accessing the interior of the new Samsung S22 Ultra is not the most complicatedand it is that these sandwiches of glass and metal still only allow us to access their interior heat the glue a little to be able to remove the rear window carefully using a pick or plastic tool.

In any case, the facilities stop there, because as you will see the Galaxy S22 Ultra presents several independent advisorsa waterproof compartment for the S-Pen which limits the space in the lower right part of the back and some very sensitive cable sheaths. Not in vain, Zack Nelson himself “loads” the one that connects the screen, preventing the terminal from working once reassembled.

The dimensions of the cameras are impressive, as well as its independent plate which will make it difficult to repair a particular sensor surely forcing us to completely replace the module in case of failure of the photographic system. It is also curious to see how the sensors are installed without further protection on the platekeeping its covers and protective glass anchored to the back panel of the Gorilla Glass.

Another critical element is the battery, which comes too well glued with a hard-to-remove adhesive, and which forced JerryRigEverything to use isopropyl alcohol to weaken it and be able to remove it.

On the contrary, we can see how well designed and built it is this Galaxy S22 Ultra, with an impressive miniaturization of the rest of the components and an almost unthinkable use of spaceespecially considering the IP68 protection against liquids and dust which also extends to a very well protected S-Pen.

The internal design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is quite complex and sensitive, and Zack Nelson himself couldn’t turn it on and use it after reassembly, because apparently the strip of cable that connects the screen breaks during the process.

So we’ll see a fairly thick block of plastic that protects the S-Pen and makes the device waterproofalthough, as you’d expect, it limits space quite a bit for the battery and other items.

So it seems that Samsung’s design and engineering work gets high marksbuild a smartphone with proven durability and very good build quality, although with a complex design and complicating the repairability of the device in case of possible breakdowns of some of its components or exhaustion of others such as the lithium battery.

Surely we expected a result like this, so there won’t be too many surprises for anyone… If you’re spending the money an S22 Ultra costs, take care of it, no matter how tough it is!

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: if now the best Galaxy Note is a Galaxy S… so what?

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