Domee Shi, director of ‘Red’, was inspired by her puberty for the film

The vast majority of professional reviewers liked ReportPixar’s twenty-fifth feature film, directed by Domee Shi (2022), the Chinese-Canadian filmmaker who won an Oscar for her short film Beam (2018). To others, it didn’t seem like much, but rather the least notable of the study since. Cars 2 (2011). But in every story, there are always points of view.

“The inspiration for this film comes from my life, I grew up like Mei, as a silly, clumsy, confident, obsessive thirteen-year-old girl who is going to face big changes,” she tells us. Dome Shi in an interview with her and the producer Lindsay Collins. Not in vain, he knows perfectly well what a childhood and adolescence in Toronto like that of Meilin Lee, the protagonist of Report.

“I woke up and my body had changed, I had hair everywhere, my emotions overflowed and I went from being my mother’s sweet little girl to fighting her every day”, continues the filmmaker; “And I just wanted to know what was going on at the time and make it a fun and entertaining movie.” There is no doubt that intimacy is a source of creativity at Pixar.

‘Bao’ Oscar didn’t influence ‘Red’ development

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When asked if the Oscar for Beamthat Domee Shi obtained during the development of Reportsomehow influenced him, she jokes looking at the producer: “I would have liked to show the Oscar to Lindsey [Collins] and say, “Look, that means you should give me more moneyso you already know”.

“When you get the go-ahead for a movie, you get the same amount of money whether you’re Pete Docter, who’s done four movies, or Domee Shi,” he continues. “They can tell you that’s the time they’re giving you and all these people to make the movie. So true They don’t distinguish between an Oscar winner and someone who didn’t.”.