Donald Trump won’t return to Twitter, even though it’s now Elon Musk

The big news of the day — and surely of the year — is that Elon Musk bought Twitter. But behind the deal valued at $44 trillion, several standout stories unfolded, and one of them involves donald trump. Does the controversial former president of the United States He assured that he would not return to the social networkeven if it is now in the hands of the magnate of South African origin.

In the hours leading up to the formalization of the agreement between Twitter and Elon Musk, Trump was consulted by FoxNews as to whether he imagined a possible return to the platform, in case it was ultimately left in the hands of the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. And to everyone’s surprise, the businessman insured noand that he intended to promote Truth, his own social network.

“I hope Elon buys Twitter because he makes it better and he’s a good man, but I’ll stick with Truth. Ultimately, no, I’m not going back to Twitter.“said the former US president. It will be necessary to see if the decision is final, or if Elon Musk himself intervenes and manages to reverse it.

With the acquisition of Twitter already finalized, its new owner assured that the intention was to “unleash its full potential”, with particular emphasis on defending freedom of expression. However, external attacks to reinstate Donald Trump on the platform are not new.

Donald Trump does not want to return to Twitter

Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter in early 2021, after the Capitol Hill storm. The social network assured that the then President of the United States incited violence and that it was a violation of their rules. Prior to the drastic determination, the Republican Party politician had already received multiple warnings from the service.

Since then, Trump has tried to rally his mass of more than 80 million followers on different platforms. He tried it on Parler, Gab (hacking included), and eventually ended up creating Truth, his own platform. It is worth saying that in none it was very successful. In addition, the businessman announced that he would sue Google, Facebook and Twitter for “illegal and unconstitutional censorship”.

However, Twitter has had enough work to restrict Donald Trump’s presence; It is that beyond the blocking of his personal account, the social network has also suspended several profiles which were dedicated to spreading the messages of the controversial character.

When Elon Musk took to Twitter as a shareholder, some in Trump’s entourage saw it as the perfect opportunity for a bailout. And the Republican “pressure” has only increased over the days; without going any further, on Monday morning the official report of the party members in the House of Representatives was published on this subject. “This is a great week to free Donald Trump,” says the tweet directly addressed to the South African-born tycoon.

The relationship between Elon Musk and Donald Trump has always been cordial. Although they differ in their opinions on key issues, such as climate change, they have maintained good agreement. In fact, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO joined Trump’s Policy and Strategy Advisory Board before reaching the White House, though he resigned in 2017 when the president pulled the United States out of the US. Paris agreement.